How to Book a place on Staff Professional Development Courses

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to Staff Infobase here

Step 2: Click LJMU Employee Self Service

Step 3: Click Professional Development

Step 4: To find a programme such as 'Managers HR Development Programme' leave the Search selection as 'Course' and complete steps 5 and 6, for an individual session please change the Search category from 'Course' to 'Class' using the drop down menu, as shown in the image below:

Staff development courses image

Step 5: Then in the search box type a word from the programme, session or event title and click 'Go'. As shown in the image below:

Staff development course image

Step 6: When you have then located your programme or session in the results pages please click the envelope to enroll, as pictured below:

Staff development enroll image

Alternatively you may want to browse the course catalogue for your programme or session. Here programmes and sessions are categorised by types and areas.

For further help please print off the Staff Class Enrolment Guide.