AUA Accreditation Scheme

AUA Accreditation Scheme


Gaining AUA Accreditation is an excellent way to demonstrate your professional commitment to working in Higher Education and your commitment to CPD (continuous professional development).

Who are the AUA?

The AUA (Association for University Administrators) is the professional association for higher education administrators and managers. As well as being a representative voice for HE professionals within our sector, they are there to support and guide you, their members, as you define and develop your career ambitions.

Think of them as an extension to your professional network. By connecting with like-minded individuals you can look beyond your current role and institution and become part of the wider sector. Through these connections you can share learning, encourage best practice and, importantly, help give our HE sector, your profession and you as an individual added credibility.

The AUA's approach is simple, yet powerful. They are committed to uniting and developing every professional within their network. That’s what makes them unique. In fact, they can sum up the AUA in one simple sentence: Connecting and developing higher education professionals.

What is the LJMU AUA Accreditation Scheme

The scheme consists of monthly online AUA Accreditation application writing workshop sessions, facilitated by Michael Monaghan (national AUA Accreditation Reviewer) on MS Teams. The sessions will be one hour long over lunchtimes. Please register for each session you will be attending. If you are signing up to your first session Michael will contact you before it with information and resources to get you started; and get you added to the LJMU AUA Accreditation Scheme Teams Area (on MS Teams).

Participants will have up to 12 months to complete their accreditation application under the scheme. Participants joining the scheme who have already achieved Accredited Member level status (AMAUA) can go for Fellowship level (FAUA).

Cost: if you are already an AUA member the cost of the accreditation scheme is free. If you are not already an AUA member the cost of this scheme is £65 (almost 50% discounted rate of the cost you would pay directly to the AUA due to LJMU's institutional discounts for this scheme). Staff may pay this cost themselves or seek local staff development funding if available.

Please contact Michael Monaghan for any LJMU AUA Accreditation Scheme enquiries.

LJMU AUA Accreditation Scheme Programme Leader: Michael Monaghan

To join this programme please check for available dates on the Staff Development Calendar.

The AUA (Association of University Administrators) is the main professional body for professional services staff within Higher Education. LJMU has achieved the AUA Mark of Excellence. 

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