Leadership and Development Foundation Toolkit

LDF Toolkit Link: https://app.goodpractice.net/#/ljmu/s/61c929ae

*Web Browsers: using Internet Explorer (IE) you will be logged in automatically. Using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other non IE web browsers will require you to log-in. 

Log-in: enter your LJMU username followed by @ljmu.ac.uk e.g. ITSATEST@ljmu.ac.uk

Password: your current LJMU password

The LDF Toolkit is interactive, quick access, e-support tool for all staff and managers. It can be used for your own personal and professional development or to support other staff with theirs. It can be used to enhance your performance, expand your knowledge and improve your skills. There are a number of resources such as videos and guides.

LDF ToolKit Website:

From the LDF Toolkit Homepage (image below) you can access the resources by clicking the Tabs at the top of the page, or by clicking the interactive content on the page below the Tabs. Each resource tells you how many minutes it will take to complete. You can also Bookmark your favourite resources creating your own personal playlist of what you might find useful on a day-to-day basis, for specific tasks and duties, or just to come back to a later date. If an area or subject is not covered on the Toolkit please let us know and we'll get it added LDF@ljmu.ac.uk. We encourage you to log-in to the Toolkit to familiarise yourself with the structure and its content.