Optional Staff E-learning Modules

Accessing Staff E-Learning Modules

Please follow the guidance for accessing e-learning modules.


LJMU Appraisals and Connected Conversations

This module is designed to enhance staff experience of Appraisal and Development discussions. The module includes full details of the LJMU Appraisal process, video perspectives of the importance of appraisal and development review discussions from LJMU staff, and how adopting a coaching approach can improve the experience for both the line managers and staff.

The module focuses on:

  • The importance of goals at work
  • The appraisal discussion
  • Feedback
  • Goal setting
  • Using a coaching style in appraisals and one-to-ones
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Career development at LJMU

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We are pleased to offer staff a suite of e-learning courses for mental health and wellbeing. There are five individual modules available:

  1. Mental Health in the Workplace
  2. Mental Wellbeing and Resilience
  3. Supporting Others
  4. The Law and Wellbeing Conversations
  5. Managing Your Own Self-Care and Wellbeing

Diversity and Inclusion MicroLearning Resources

These Diversity and Inclusion MicroLearning Resources are available to all LJMU Staff and Students, providing you with valuable information on various topics, and keeping you updated with relevant information and supporting materials.

Future Ways of Working

We are pleased to offer a staff development resource Future Ways of Working, to support everyone preparing to return to the University. The resource enhances government advice and focuses on the emotional implications of people returning to the workplace. It looks at the requirements of different staff members, which explores issues around mental health, vulnerable staff, and giving people space for reflection, reviewing, reconnecting, and rebooting.

The module focuses on:

  • Working from home
  • Managing remote teams
  • Wellbeing for all