The University has a personal review and personal development (Appraisal) scheme to provide clarity for staff at least once a year, about what is expected of them through their job role, how their performance objectives are linked to the delivery of the University vision and strategic plan; and to plan, reflect and record performance achieved, including any personal training and development and career aspirations. 

The appraisal forms for all staff have been revised and reformatted.  Please select the appropriate form below: 

Appraisal Form - for all staff groups, other than Directorate and Professorial staff

Appraisal Form - Directorate

Appraisal Form - Professorial 

LJMU Appraisals and Connected Conversations e-module

For guidance on how both appraisers and appraisees can get the most out of the appraisal process, as well as advice on how coaching can help with development support, a new e-learning module is available. For details on how to access this, please click here

Further Information:

Appraisal Policy

Appraisal Underlying Principles and Guidance Notes for Staff

Appraisal Process

Appraisal FAQs

Appraisal Document Storage Information for Staff InfoBase

Staff Development Plan (SDP) Template

Development Needs Analysis Form (DNA)

This questionnaire is designed for all staff, to help identify personal development needs and plan appropriate development support.  Completing the questionnaire is useful in preparing for appraisal, to identify any development requirements for your existing role, or a new role.  

On request a Leadership and Development Adviser will assist you in completing the questionnaire, and advise you on appropriate development activity to meet your personal needs.

DNA Form

Contact or 0151 231 8014 for any additional support and advice.