LJMU Staff Development Funding

If you have any questions about the LJMU Degree Programme Funding Guidelines or require support completing the LJMU Degree Programme Funding Application Form, please contact Michael Monaghan (LJMU Staff Development Funding Coordinator): m.a.monaghan@ljmu.ac.uk

If you have any questions about apprenticeships or applying for apprenticeship funding, please contact Michael Monaghan (LJMU Apprenticeship Levy Coordinator): m.a.monaghan@ljmu.ac.uk

Other development programmes and activities, which are not apprenticeships or LJMU degree programmes, are funded from your local Faculty and Department budgets. You should follow your locally established processes for this. If you are unsure of what your local processes are please speak to your line manager.

Faq Items

How can I find out what programmes are available or information about a specific programme?

Staff members should look and research this themselves, with line-manager support if necessary, by looking at the programme provider's website and contacting the provider directly if needed.


  • For LJMU degree and masters degree programmes (both apprenticeships and non-apprenticeships), you look via the LJMU website Search Courses page. Then if you need any further questions answering, speak to the relevant admissions team for that programme.
  • For internal LJMU programmes which require funding such as our ILM Leadership and Management, ILM Coaching and Mentoring and AUA Accreditation Scheme, you would look at the programme information via the LDF website Development Opportunities page, contacting the LDF if further information is required.
  • For external programmes, you would look at the provider's website and speak to them via email/phone if needed.
  • For apprenticeship programmes, you can use the Government’s online search portal to assist you with finding programmes and providers https://findapprenticeshiptraining.apprenticeships.education.gov.uk/Apprenticeship/Search.

I have a question about staff development funding who should I speak to?

For any questions regarding staff development funding or apprenticeships, please contact Michael Monaghan: m.a.monaghan@ljmu.ac.uk.

Who is my local Business Partner (BP)?

Business Partners

Naomi Scharf Business Partner for Division of Student and 
Academic Services excluding Library Services

231 8158
Laura Halpin Business Partner for the Faculty of Engineering & 

231 8117
Joanne Wilson Business Partner for the Faculty of Education, 
Health & Community

231 8115
Sandra McCrystal Business Partner for the Faculty of Arts, Professional
& Social Studies and the Faculty of Business

231 8116
Sally-Ann Costello Business Partner for Division of Organisational
Enhancement & Library Services

231 8047
Maureen Lee Business Partner for Faculty of Science
231 8046
Collette Dickinson Business Partner for Finance & Resource Division
(excluding Estate Management) & Vice-Chancellor
and Chief Executive's Office and Pro Vice Chancellors

231 8143
Ruth Lewis
Business Partner for Estate Management 
and Co-ordinator Team Leader
231 8045

Who do I speak to for advice about creating a new LJMU staff apprenticeship job role?

For managers who want to employ a new member of staff as an apprentice, please contact Michael Monaghan, LJMU Apprenticeship Levy Coordinator: m.a.monaghan@ljmu.ac.uk.