Staff Induction

Induction for New Staff

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At LJMU we recognise that, to get the best result from our staff we need to ensure we provide them with the tools to perform their role to the highest possible standard.  The process of induction is a key part of preparing an individual for their job role, providing them with the opportunity to learn about the University and their local working environment.  Whilst making new staff fully aware of policies and procedures, it is our responsibility to ensure they settle into their role as quickly and as easily as possible.

The purpose of the University induction is to:

  • enable staff to settle into their job and feel welcomed to LJMU;
  • engender staff loyalty and commitment to supporting the LJMU mission;
  • ensure staff members are aware of the LJMU values; that they understand and adhere to policies, codes of practice and procedures;
  • enable staff to confidently and effectively perform in their role, contributing towards achieving the University's strategic goals

HR's role in Induction:

The HR team is responsible for the following aspects of induction:

Prior to commencement of the start date:

Liaison with Faculty/School/Service to:

  • Having checked the individual's necessary paperwork, HR will agree the start date with the Faculty/School/Service concerned.

    On start date:
  • HR will send an email to:

    The Line Manager outlining their responsibilities regarding the induction of all new staff


    The individual welcoming them to the University or their new role and informing them that they will receive an induction from their Line Manager and their own School/Faculty/Service area.

Local Induction:

The local induction is a joint responsibility of the individual member of staff and Line Manager or equivalent to ensure all activities are completed in the first twelve months of a new contract.  Please note: some of the items may not be applicable for every work setting.

The local induction:

  • equipment access
  • health and safety procedures
  • introductions
  • initial meeting with mentor
  • initial appraisal

LJMU Induction:

Greg Thompson
Head of Leadership and Development Foundation

Tel: 8014

Welcome to LJMU. 

As a new starter you are required to complete an Introduction to LJMU workshop and three online modules.  If you are a line manager and have responsibility for other staff you are also required to complete the Management Development Programme sessions.

It is the responsibility of line managers to ensure new staff complete the induction workshop and modules within their probationary employment period.

Flexible arrangements for delivery of the Introduction to LJMU session for part-time staff and alternative methods of delivery are available for staff requiring reasonable adjustments.  As a new and valued member of staff we aim to provide the best possible development resources to support your needs.

Further information for the session, and the online modules are available in the links below: