LCR Founders

Growing a thriving co-founder ecosystem across the Liverpool City Region

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LCR Founders is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and will co-develop a sustainable co-founder ecosystem. Together we will match up Liverpool John Moores University and University of Liverpool student and graduate talent to form new business start ups across the Liverpool City Region. 

Who is the project for?

Students and graduates from both universities; the project will expand the volume and range of co-founded new business start ups. All participants will need to based in and aiming to set up their start ups in the Liverpool City Region

The core ways the project will add value:

  1. An online co-founder ecosystem platform/hub offering an online diagnostic vision and values tool, and events booking

  2. A range of face to face and online entrepreneurship skills development and networking working with existing agencies across the Liverpool City Region.

  3. Co-founder team building through either 2, 4, or 10 day programmes where you will be introduced to lean and agile methods to support you to validate your idea, customer personas and business model.

  4. Business start up innovation coaching to help you grow a solid co-founder team, sustainable business model and become pitch ready to scale

  5. Grant funding for eligible new co-founded business start ups of up to £2,000 through the LJMU Bathgate Startup Fund

  6. FounderFest will bring together potential investors, backers and partners through showcase events for our co-founder talent.

To register your interest in the programme, please email

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