Study or work abroad with Erasmus+

Information for outgoing Erasmus students

Studying or working in an international setting is a rewarding experience. It will help you put what you are learning on your programme into context within the wider world. The added bonus of living in another country is experiencing a new culture and language and developing new networks and memories for life.

The Erasmus+ programme enables you to undertake either a study or traineeship placement at a host organisation for a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 12 months.

Examples of placements:

  • Architecture students working on church restoration projects in Austria
  • Media student covering MTV awards in Malta
  • Law students undertaking research projects at the University of Malaga
  • Laboratory research project in Spain and Malta for bioscience students

Financial support

You will receive a grant towards your costs from the British Council, see the ‘How to claim your Erasmus+ grant’ document for more information about grants.


Liverpool John Moores University holds a worldwide travel and medical insurance policy for all students travelling outside the UK on behalf of the University or as part of your programme of study.

Student loan/grant FAQs

Find out how your student loan will be affected

What do I need to know in reference to my student loan/grant?

Tuition fees

Your 'host' institution will not charge you any tuition fees for your study abroad period. However, you are still liable for tuition fees to LJMU and remain eligible to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan under the normal rules. The amount of tuition fees you are charged by LJMU depends on how long you are going abroad for. See table for more details.



Full year abroad (this means you must
spend less than 10 weeks at LJMU)

No tuition fees payable to LJMU

One semester abroad and one at LJMU

Full £9,000 tuition fee payable to LJMU

The summer vacation period only abroad

Full £9,000 tuition fee payable to LJMU for the next academic year

Living costs

If you are normally eligible for a student loan and/or grant for your living costs, this does not change during a study period abroad. The amount you will be eligible for depends on your circumstances and is still means tested on your household income.

Please note that when you elect to spend two/three months abroad during the summer, eg Malta, you are not entitled to any additional student loan as this is outside of term time. You will need to budget to live on your Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility Grant.

How do I let the Student Loans Company know I am going abroad?

If you know you will be going abroad when you apply for your student finance you should indicate this on your application for the next academic year. You will then be assessed for the correct ‘overseas’ loan rate for your time abroad.

If you are going abroad in semester one you are entitled to receive earlier payment, ie 25 days before you leave the country.

The University confirms the dates you are going abroad to the Student Loans Company in June of each year so early planning is essential.   

Can I claim back my travel costs?

The Student Loans Company will send you a form to claim back travel expenses. This is subject to a means test on your household income and also a £303 disregard which means you must pay the first £303 of any claim yourself.

The costs of mandatory visas, essential insurance (travel and health if required by the destination country) medical tests and medical visas will be reimbursed in full.

Those going abroad for a short period such as the summer vacation only are not likely to be eligible for help with travel costs.

Travel expense claims are calculated by the Student Loan Company on a quarterly arrangement, ie to be eligible to submit a claim you must be out of the country for more than 50% of the time within that quarter. For example, a trainee placement in Malta comprising June and July is not eligible as the month of June falls in the third quarter of the year and July in the fourth quarter of the year.

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