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Study placements

Are you looking for a study placement?

The information below is for Liverpool John Moores University students who would like to study abroad in another European country via Erasmus.

Where can I study?

Download a list of all of our current Erasmus+ partners for the academic year. Each of the partners has an academic coordinator here at Liverpool John Moores University. If you are interested in studying at one of these institutions you will need to contact the relevant coordinator within your subject area.

Students must apply and have received confirmation of placement allocation from LJMU in order to take part in a study placement.

What are the requirements for a study placement?

  • You will be studying at a pre-existing partner of LJMU for a specific subject area
  • The placement is in one of the 33 European countries that is not your country of residence (i.e. the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). For a full list of destinations see the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ website
  • You have applied to LJMU and it has been approved
  • The duration is either second semester of Level 5 or yearlong between Level 5 and 6. This depends upon the validated study period for a specific programme of study
  • You are studying full time at the partner institution