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Live and work in a European city with an European internship

Along with our European partners, we offer traineeship roles across Europe. Placements are wide-ranging so you could be working within architecture, media, law or bioscience, for example – there’s a position that suits your interests and ambitions. Working abroad is a fantastic way to immerse yourself into a new culture and add valuable skills to your CV.

Work placements carried out as part of the Erasmus+ programme allow you to undertake placements lasting two to twelve months during summer holidays or a sandwich year. You may find your own placement or speak to your School’s International Mobility Coordinator, LJMU Careers Advisers or the LJMU Go Abroad Team to help you find a traineeship placement in Europe.

Who is it for?

You are eligible for a European internship as long as you find your placement before you graduate.

What does it involve?

European Internships – Sourced by students

If you find your own internships in Erasmus European partner countries you are entitled to the Erasmus+ grant. For further information on the Erasmus+ grant and once an internship has been secured for between two to twelve months, please email the Study Abroad Team.

Malta Internships

One way to find a traineeship is through a placement agent. LJMU recommends Stage Malta for internships in Malta. They will arrange unpaid internships and provide accommodation and support during the placement. For further information and prices, please refer to Stage Malta. Please note that Stage Malta will charge an administration fee.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a European internship, please contact your School’s International Mobility Coordinator (IMC).


Internships in Europe are often unpaid but if you're on a placement from two to twelve months, you will receive the Erasmus grant.

Who to contact about going abroad

If you’re a current student interested in going abroad, you should discuss your options with your International Mobility Coordinator (IMC) and/or Programme Leader within your School.

Arts, Professional and Social Studies

Art and Design: Kayla Owen

Liverpool Screen School: Paula Baines

Humanities and Social Science: Janine Melvin

Education: Judith Enriquez-Gibson and Mark Meadows

Justice Studies: Adrian James


Public Health Institute: Conan Leavy

Nursing: Analie Grimshaw

Allied Health (inc. midwifery and paramedics): Jane Rooney

Engineering and Technology

Applied Mathematics: Sandra Ortega Martorell

Built Environment: Vida Maliene

Civil Engineering: Iacopo Carnacina

Computer Science: Thar Baker Shamsa

Electronics and Electronic Engineering: Kevin Johnston and Colin Wright

Maritime and Mechanical Engineering: Dan Stancioiu

Business and Law

Business: Elena Teso

Law: Alison Lui


Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences: Amanda Boddis

Natural Sciences and Psychology: Michael Richter

Sport and Exercise Sciences: Dominic Doran

Skiing - Alex Baker

Erasmus has become who I am. I had an incredible experience engaging in international culture and I have friends from all around the world.

Alexander Baker -
Erasmus study placement in Austria

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