Eat at LJMU

Pre-exam support for students

LJMU and John Moores Students' Union (JMSU) have put together a programme of activities during April and May to help you stay positive and focused during the upcoming assessment period.

Aimed at students of all levels, whether it is your first exam or finals, we will be providing a variety of activities to help you manage stress and keep you happy, healthy and prepared.  

A sample of events on offer are:

  • Drop-in sessions with Student Advice and Wellbeing’s Counselling Service for exam pressure and anxiety management
  • Exam and revision skills and techniques sessions delivered by Skills@LJMU
  • Help and advice if you cannot attend an assessment due to ill health or any unexpected circumstances
  • Independent advice from JMSU
  • JMSU Guide Dog Therapy Rooms 23 April - 27 April
  • FREE stress-busters exercise sessions at Lifestyles Millennium Fitness Centre
  • FREE mindfulness and yoga workshops to help relieve and reduce stress
  • FREE holistic therapies for students (Reiki; reflexology; upper back, neck and shoulder massage)

Please download our guide for further information about when and where activities are taking place.

Find out more about student support

Useful contacts:

Student Advice and Wellbeing
Aquinas Building (next to Aldham Robarts Library), Maryland Street, L1 9DE
0151 231 3153/54 || || @LJMUSAW

0151 231 3048 || || @JMU_SS

Student Engagement Team
0151 231 3664 || || @LJMUSAW

Academic Support Adviser
0151 231 3162 ||

Student Opportunities
0151 231 3714 || || @LJMUStudentOpps

John Moores Students' Union
John Moores Students’ Union, John Foster Building, 80-98 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5UZ
0151 231 4900 || || @JohnMooresSU