What it's like to be a Degree Apprentice

Meet Scarlett Blinston - a Degree Apprentice

If you're considering applying, why not find out what it's like to be a Degree Apprentice from someone who is doing it? 

Scarlett apprenticeScarlett Blinston, 18, is three months into her Quantity Surveying Degree Apprenticeship with Laing O’Rourke. She is working on the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme alongside studying for her degree one day a week at LJMU. Scarlett will study at LJMU for the next five years and after completing her degree will continue to work at Laing O’Rourke as a full-time quantity surveyor. We asked her about her experiences as a Degree Apprentice.

What are the benefits of doing a Degree Apprenticeship?

One of the many benefits of studying and working is that I gain hands-on experience, putting into practice the theories that are taught at university. Using both the practical and theoretical elements together on a daily basis in a real life work situation really helps me to retain knowledge.


Why does a Degree Apprenticeship suit you?

When it comes to coursework and exams I can use my own knowledge and experience of a real life practical situation from my workplace as well as revising from notes or textbooks. Also for me personally, I feel by experiencing something for myself gives me more of a chance of remembering and I have a much more clear understanding. This enables me to use this knowledge in answering exam questions more fluently. I also believe that being part of a workforce helps massively because if there are any issues you have at university, such as not understanding a particular part of a module, you always have the people around you in work to guide you and maybe explain it in a different way, giving me a clearer and fuller understanding.

How have you found the experience so far?

The experience so far has been extremely beneficial. I feel as though work has helped me to push on with my university learning and vice versa. They have both worked together well and have been extremely successful. I managed to secure myself a 1st in the first construction module. The only slight difficulty for me is time management but this is easily overcome with practice.

What attracted you to becoming an apprentice?

The attraction to becoming an apprentice was personal to me as I know that I learn best by gaining a basic understanding and then putting it into practice, so therefore doing a part-time degree whilst in full-time employment was a perfect way for me to progress in a Quantity Surveying career.

Interested in becoming a Degree Apprentice?

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