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Take a look at our programmes aimed at introducing learners to higher education.

Faq Items

Sixth form induction days and bespoke campus visits

Get your students off to the best possible start in Year 12 by holding your sixth form induction at LJMU. Bringing students onto our campus is a brilliant way to give them a feel for what university life is like.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Tailored to meet your requirements
  • Raises learners aspirations and gives them a realistic idea of what to expect from university in terms of academic and personal/social development
  • Provides advice on how learners can use their time effectively in sixth form
  • Devised and delivered by student advocates, our subject taster sessions offer insight into a huge range of subjects taught at university

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/4/7

Introduction to higher education

An engaging presentation outlining the benefits of continuing study into higher education, what students can expect to achieve and the importance of working hard and maximising opportunities in Sixth Form. By providing up-to-date information, advice and guidance related to HE, this session aims to raise aspirations among young people, with the objective of increasing and widening participation in higher education.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Helps learners understand what they can expect to achieve by continuing into higher education and the importance of working hard and maximising opportunities in sixth form
  • Up-to-date information, advice and guidance related to HE
  • Raises aspirations among young people and supports them in the decision making process
  • Uncovers details about the different opportunities available at university including different subjects on offer, employability for graduates, types of universities, e.g. campus/city, modes of study e.g. sandwich degrees, and extracurricular opportunities such as studying abroad

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/7/8

Degree Apprenticeships

Interested in working and studying in tandem? A Degree Apprenticeship is a relatively new route into higher education combining employment with part-time study.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Explains how a Degree Apprenticeship works, the application process and how this mode of study differs from a traditional degree programme
  • Enables pupils to discover the Degree Apprenticeships available at LJMU

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/7/8

Student life

In this programme, learners can find out what university is really like from one of our student advocates.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Delivered by fully trained and DBS checked student advocates
  • Learners’ questions are answered on topics such as managing the transition to university, how to make friends, managing finances, studying, and moving away from family and friends
  • Provides an opportunity for pupils to have an open discussion with a current university student who is approachable and easy to relate to. Student advocates help reassure pupils about any concerns they may have and encourage them to make informed decisions about their future

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/7

Planning for the future

Using an online interactive platform, we explore routes students can take to gain their ideal job. Using a Spartan questionnaire, students will be asked a series of questions which builds a portfolio of careers, degree and apprenticeship options.

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/2/3/7/8

University for parents

We are happy to deliver sessions aimed at parents at careers fairs or parents evening. These sessions can explain the university application process and understanding student finance.

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/7/8

My year on placement

Student-led talk to explain the benefits of taking part in a sandwich degree in terms of personal and professional development.

UCAS and the personal statement masterclass

With the competition for university places becoming tougher each year, the need for a strong UCAS personal statement is a crucial part of a student’s application.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Covers the dos and don’ts of personal statement writing
  • Focuses on the importance of getting involved in enrichment opportunities through school/college and extracurricular activities to support students’ applications to higher education
  • Provides transparency in advising pupils what a university admissions tutor looks for so that pupils can maximise the possibility of a successful application

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/7/8

How to succeed at university interviews

This workshop provides advice and guidance to pupils on how best prepare for university interviews, auditions and assessments that are part of the admissions process for some courses.

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/7/8

Student finance and budgeting as a student

Dispelling the myths surrounding student funding and highlighting the support packages available, the aim of this presentation is to make student finance as clear as possible.

Benefits of the programme:

  • An engaging and interactive discussion on the whole process, from when and how to apply, where to find out all of the relevant information, right through to the finer details such as, how to pay for university tuition fees, applying for maintenance loans, eligibility for bursaries and scholarships and the repayment of student loans
  • Handy advice on how to make money go further while at university
  • Budgeting tips that all students need to know before they embark on the university experience
  • How LJMU’s partnership with Blackbullion, an online budgeting tool, can help learners further prepare for managing their money at university

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/7/8

Careers after university

Decisions made about university course choice will have an impact on future career options. This series of presentations explores the breadth of careers available to graduates and explores the jobs taken by LJMU graduates from different subject areas.

In line with LJMU’s Faculty structure, there are five career talks in this series:

  • Science
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Education, Health and Community
  • Arts, Professional and Social Studies
  • Business

This session also identifies the skills gaps of the future and earning potential of graduates from a variety of subject areas. LJMU’s outreach team also represent the University at school and college careers fairs and are happy to accept requests for specific career talks.

Gatsby benchmarks: 1/3/4/7/8

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