Guidance for full web timetables

You can view your University timetable in a number of ways – by your programme, by module, location and by your student or tutorial set (where applicable).

It is a big advantage in using this system if you know your programme, module codes and student sets (if your school is using it for timetabling).

Showing information by programme and modules

A good starting point for looking at this information is being familiar with your school, programme and module information and the codes used.

  1. Select your school and then your programme/module 
  2. Then select the weeks you want to view
  3. Select the day(s) you want to view
  4. Select the teaching time (teaching day is 9am-6pm)
  5. Select view timetable. This will open a report in a new tab

An example from the School of Law is shown below:

View Module Timetables

Report types

Grid – This shows the information broken down into grids per week and colour coded according to activity.

This diagram is a guide to the information on the grid:

Module explanation

List – shows the same information in a simple table format

Spreadsheet – this shows all the information together – this is primarily used by students or staff who want to export this into excel or word for manipulation which can be done by pressing “CTRL + A” then pasting into your application In practice, it is often easier show your information by module and separately pick all the modules you are studying.

Showing information by student sets

For some of the University, students are organised into “sets”. Where this is the case, and you know your set identifier, you will be able to utilise the filters to show your timetable for the whole year on one report. If you are unsure, please check with your school to see if this is available to you.

Student Group