Guidance for full web timetables

You can view your University timetable in a number of ways – by your programme, by module, room, by your student or tutorial set (where applicable). Looking at timetables this way shows all groups and sessions for the selected programme/module and is therefore not personalised to you.

You should use MYLJMU where possible, timetabling, as well as other useful information and applications are available here.

If your programme has personalised timetables, they will also be available (check the FAQs to see if they are) and you can also link to it from Timetable.

It is a big advantage in using this system if you know your School (for example LAW), Programme Name or Module codes and even better your student sets (if your school is using it for timetabling).

Showing information by programme and modules

A screen grab showing timetable information by programme and modules

A good starting point for looking at this information is being familiar with your school, programme and module information and the codes used.

  1. Select your school, enter a keyword search and then pick your programme/module 
  2. Then select the view – day / work week / week / month / semester
  3. You can select a view mode – either grid or table
  4. You can also select orientation
  5. Select “view timetable.” - this will open a report in a new tab

An example from the School of Law is shown below:

A screen grab of the school timetable, showing programme and module information for the School of Law

You have various toggle buttons to use across the top to look at timetable in a variety of views.

You can also view in semester mode or look from week to week.

You can click on individual elements of the timetable and get more information for example (using the example above) clicking on the Thursday lecture:

A screen grab showing the individual elements of the timetable

You can also create a synced calendar that will display your timetable as a separate display on Outlook. The file symbol creates a digitalised and static image of this view.

We hope you enjoy your experience of viewing timetables.