Welcome to the LJMU Timetables page. Follow the links to each timetable below, guidance for each timetable is below the links.

Full timetables are now available

Personalised timetables will be available from 18th September (where this is in place)  

There are current intermittent problems with the online timetables.  Students should refer to their personalised timetable.  If personalised timetables are not available, please refer to your school office for urgent queries.

Timetables Guidance

Exam Timetable

The University publishes the Examination Timetable here four weeks before the start of the examination period.

Full Timetable

The University have been developing an interface that will be useful in providing you with information on your timetable, which can be viewed in a number of ways – by your programme, by module, location and by your student or tutorial set (where this is known to you).

It’s a big advantage in using this system if you know your programme, module codes and student sets (if your school is using it for timetabling).

Showing Information by Programme and Modules

As mentioned, a good starting point for looking at this information is being familiar with your School, Programme and Module Information and the codes used.

You will be in one of the following Schools, and you will see the corresponding code on the filter options on the timetabling system.

APSS  Arts, Professional and Social Studies
AST  Astrophysics Research Institute
BUE   Built Environment
CMP  Computing and Mathematical Sciences
CPH  Centre for Public Health
ECL   Education Community & Leisure
EHC  Education, Health & Community
ELSS  Education, Leisure & Sports Studies
ENR  Engineering
GNR  General Engineering Research Institute
HEA  Health
HSS  Humanities and Social Science
LAW  Law
LBS  Liverpool Business School
LSA   Liverpool School of Art & Design
LSS  Liverpool Screen School
NAH  Nursing & Allied Health
NSP  Natural Sciences & Psychology
PBS  Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences
PPI  Public Policy Research Institute
SCS  Sciences
SPS  Sports Sciences
TAE  Technology & Environment
TEPL  Teaching, Education & Professional Learning

Picking your option will then enable you to gain more information.

You will then be presented with the programme you are on, and then you can pick your modules. Again, to make the best use of this system it’s helpful to know your programme and module codes.

An example from the LAW school is shown below :-

View Module Timetables


You can select a number of options to display this information, depending on your preference, the reports can be shown in the following ways :-

Grid – shows the information broken down into grids per week and colour coded according to activity.

This diagram is a guide to the information on the grid:-

Module name

List – shows the same information in a simple table format

Spreadsheet – this shows all the information together – this is primarily used by students or staff who want to export this into excel or word for manipulation which can be done by pressing “CTRL + A” then pasting into your application

In practice, it is often easier show your information by module and separately pick all the modules you are studying.

Once you have made your selection you can then submit this request and a report can made available to you in a .pdf format or can be cut/pasted.

This is a fast process, and can quickly enabled if you have your programme and module information to hand.

Student Sets

For some of the University, students are organised into “sets” where this is the case, and you know your set identifier, you will be able to utilise the filters to show your timetable for the whole year on one reports.

Student Group

Unfortunately, this is not applied consistently at the moment and we would ask that you check in with your Schools to see how advantageous this could be for you (or not).

Induction Timetable

As a new student you will be expected to attend induction sessions before the start of your course. These induction or introductory sessions are not optional; you are expected to attend all activities, unless informed otherwise.

Induction Timetable

Students on most courses will be able to view a personalised timetable from the week commencing Monday 17th September, general timetables will be available during the week commencing Monday 10 September.  

My Timetable

Where programme and modules allow, you will be able to access personalised timetable giving you access to your teaching sessions in calendar form. This will be updated and you will also be able to download this to calendars such as Google or Outlook. If session change, then timetables will also be updated. A link to the personalised timetable system is here and is matched against student’s own personal details.

You require a valid LJMU username and password to sign in to view your personal timetable. If your LJMU username and password is working on other systems and you cannot sign in to the My Timetable application, please contact us here. Please note, unlike Canvas, Office 365 and other federated accessed services, you only use your username to log in to Single Sign-on systems. You do not need to add @ljmu.ac.uk. If you do not have a LJMU username, you are unsure of the password, or it has expired, please use the My Account pages to activate you account or reset your password.