2022 Virgin Pulse step challenge

*UPDATED 01/06/22

Registration is now closed!

We are delighted that over 350 staff are participating in this years challenge. Good luck! 

The 2022 Virgin Pulse Step Challenge is now open for registration!

Take part and compete with your colleagues during a 9-week virtual trek across the globe with the VP Go destination challenge, which kicks off Wednesday 25 May.

Sign up individually, then choose to either join a team or create one and invite others (teams can consist of between 1-7 members).

During the challenge track your physical activity - walk, jog, swim, dance and much more. Log this activity daily and it all gets converted into steps, helping your team move forward in the challenge, and unlocking virtual destinations. The more steps you do in real life, the further you go.

There will be mini challenges along the way to keep you and your team motivated.

You will also gain access to the VP GO platform - health and wellbeing personalised for you, incorporating a wealth of holistic wellbeing tools, and helping you achieve new healthy habits so you can stay on track with your wellbeing goals.

Signing up is FREE, quick and easy. We’d love to see as many of you on this journey with us as possible, so resister today to take part.

More information and FAQ's can be found in the 2022 VP Go User Guide.

If you have any questions, please email Liz Cousins.

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