Fee Information for PhD and MPhil Programmes

This fee information applies to PGRs admitted onto their programme in the academic year(s) indicated below. Academic years run from 1 August to 31 July. PGRs who started their programme before this will be charged fees according to the offer they were made at the point of admission.

Bands for International fees will be confirmed as part of the application process.

Some MPhil/PhD programmes incur annual research support fees, also known as 'bench fees', to cover the cost of consumables used in your study. Any liability for research support fees will be set out in your offer letter.

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Academic Year 2023-24

Academic Year 2022-23

Per annum charges are based on the maximum duration of the programme outlined in the Registration Periods below and the expectation that in the final year, PGRs will move into the ‘Completion Year’ in which no fee will be charged.  By this year, PGRs are expected to have completed their primary area of research and submit the final thesis for examination and complete the formal examination process.  

Early completion will still be liable for the full award rate.

PGRs who do not submit their final thesis for examination within the maximum registration period will need to request an extension to their registration period.  Extensions will be granted for a maximum of one year. The fee will be applied if a PGR fails to submit their final thesis for examination within 4 weeks of the extended period of registration.  

Registration Periods



Thesis Submission (earliest): 12 months
Thesis Submissions (latest): 20 months
Expected completion: 24 months


Thesis Submission (earliest): 24 months
Thesis Submissions (latest): 44 months
Expected completion: 48 months



Thesis Submission (earliest): 33 months
Thesis Submissions (latest): 44 months
Expected completion: 48 months


Thesis Submission (earliest): 48 months
Thesis Submissions (latest): 80 months
Expected completion: 84 months

PhD by published work


Thesis Submission (earliest): 3 months
Thesis Submissions (latest): 12 months
Expected completion: 16 months

Start Dates

  • February 2024
  • June 2024