Accessing Wi-Fi (Eduroam)

In order to remain on line anywhere within the University campus you’ll need to access our free Wi-Fi service, Eduroam. The first time you do this you’ll need to be on campus. 

The easiest way to connect to Eduroam is by using the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT).

Visitors to the university can connect to our LJMU_Guest Wi-Fi via these instructions.

LJMU Guest – for visitors to the University

The LJMU_Guest Wi-Fi network is provided for the use of visitors to the University. This is a service provided by Sky and anyone visiting LJMU can use it.

LJMU Staff and Students should use Eduroam, which can support a much higher volume of users.

There is no need to make any prior arrangements for your visitors to use LJMU_Guest. They should simply connect to the network LJMU_Guest on arrival and fill in the simple self-registration web page that they will be presented with.

Please note
Visitors from other universities that offer Eduroam can connect to the service at LJMU buildings with the same credentials that they use in their home institution.

CAT Windows Setup
CAT Mac Setup
CAT iOS Setup
CAT Android Setup
CAT Chromebook Setup

1. Connect to Wireless network SETUP-eduroam

2. If you are not re-directed, open a browser and go to

3. Click ‘Configure Device’

4. Click ‘Download your Eduroam®installer’

5. Click Continue – the CAT will begin to download

6. Once downloaded, click ‘Open File’

7. Click ‘Run’

8. Click ‘Next’

9. Enter (e.g. and your current password

10. Click ‘Install’

11. Click ‘Finish’

12. Go to your wireless networks and right click on ‘SETUP-eduroam’

13. Click ‘Forget’

14. Connect to Eduroam

You should now be connected to Eduroam.