UCU Industrial Action FAQs 2023

Faq Items

A lot of the trade union literature and the ballot information talks about legal strike action. Does this mean if I do take strike action and because it is legal I will still be paid?

If I take strike action and I don’t get paid will this affect my pension?

What happens if I voted no in the ballot?

Do I have to go on strike if I am in UCU?

I voted to strike but now I have changed my mind, does that mean I still have to go on strike?

I am against strike action and voted no in the ballot. However I am concerned that I will then have to cross a picket line when any strike action starts.

I am worried that I may be pressurised by colleagues who support the action and that I may be victimised afterwards for crossing the picket line. How will the university respond to this?

I have a holiday booked on the day(s) of action, will you think that I am on strike?

What if I am sick on the day of action?

I am on maternity/paternity leave on the day of action. Will my pay be withheld?

Will I be able to continue with hybrid working on the days of action?

How will attendance at work be recorded

What do I do if I am already attending an external event or other off-site activity?

When will deductions be made to my pay for the strike days in February?

If I work part-time and I do not work on the day that the strike is planned will I lose any pay?