Hiring managers guidance

Unitemps is a recruitment agency set up to employ LJMU students and graduates (those who have graduated within the past 2 years) and should be used to fill temporary assignments. It is anticipated that this will cover work between grades 2 and 5 but this does not preclude you from using Unitemps to source work at a higher grade. Unitemps must be the first point of contact for temporary needs where the use of an Agency is appropriate.

The definition of a temporary (short-term) assignment is for 12 weeks or less. For assignments that are anticipated to be longer than 12 weeks at the outset, you should follow the standard LJMU processes by seeking approval via a PAF and recruiting following the LJMU recruitment and selection procedure. Maternity cover should not be sourced via Unitemps or another agency.

Should there be an unforeseen requirement to extend an assignment beyond 12 weeks (subject to approval from the budget holder), this can be done for a further 4 week period, but assignments must not exceed 16 weeks in total. This maximum period relates to the total time you can engage for the post and not to individuals working on the assignment. 

In order to protect students’ potential for academic success, all roles engaging students are to be capped at 20 hours per week during term time, with the exception of sandwich year placements and year-long internships. You should consider the use of two or more part time assignments to meet your needs if 20 hours per week is not sufficient.  

Staff wishing to arrange for a temp should contact Unitemps at 0151 231 8888 or email Unitemps@ljmu.ac.uk

Please click below to see 'exceptions' to the above short term criteria.

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