Hiring managers guidance

Unitemps is a recruitment agency set up to employ LJMU students and graduates (those who have graduated within the past 2 years) and should be used to fill temporary assignments. It is anticipated that this will cover work between grades 2 & 5 but this does not preclude you from using Unitemps to source work at a higher grade. Unitemps must be the first point of contact for temporary needs where the use of an Agency is appropriate.

The definition of a temporary (short-term) assignment is for 12 weeks or less.  For assignments that are anticipated to be longer than 12 weeks at the outset, you should follow the standard LJMU processes by seeking approval via a PAF and recruiting following the LJMU recruitment and selection procedure. Maternity cover should not be sourced via Unitemps or another agency.

Should there be an unforeseen requirement to extend an assignment beyond 12 weeks (subject to approval from the budget holder), this can be done for a further 4 week period, but assignments must not exceed 16 weeks in total. This maximum period relates to the total time you can engage for the post and not to individuals working on the assignment. 

In order to protect students’ potential for academic success, all roles engaging students are to be capped at 20 hours per week during term time, with the exception of sandwich year placements/ year-long internships. You should consider the use of two or more part time assignments to meet your needs if 20 hours per week is not sufficient.  

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Exceptions to the ‘short-term’ criteria detailed for engaging Unitemps are:

  • Student Advocates (can remain in this role whilst an enrolled student)
  • Sports Casual Staff
  • Student support work in Halls of Residence
  • Sandwich year placements/ Extended Student & Graduate Internships* (max 12 months)
  • Post-Graduate Researchers (Externally funded only) – either where the student is named on the funded project or where the research requires specialised subject knowledge linked to students’ area of research - This must not exceed 6 months.

*An internship/ student placement should only be used as an opportunity for the education and career development of the intern/ placement - working under the strict guidance of an LJMU member of staff and should not be used to cover substantive work.

Required approvals to use Unitemps

Written approval* (this can be via email with the booking form attached) must be obtained from your School Director/Service Head (contact details are in the FAQ’s). This approval must be sent to the Unitemps Branch Manager in order to initiate the recruitment process. In Faculty Offices and all schools within APS and BLW, approval can also be given by the Head of Operations. Agency spend will continue to be reported and reviewed by PRC on a monthly basis.

*PAF approval must continue to be obtained for Student Advocates, Sports Casuals & Internships/ Student Placements prior to engagement.


The roles listed below represent work that we envisage students/ graduates may be able to engage with and the associated grade. Please note it is anticipated that due to the short-term nature of the assignments, the range of activity and the overall level of responsibility will not necessarily be comparable to similar longer term/ permanent roles that exist within the LJMU grading structure and as such the rates of pay for these roles reflect this. 

If you have a requirement for a temporary role that is not covered by the descriptors in this list Job Evaluation will need to ensure that the correct remuneration is allocated to that activity. In order to do this, you will need to provide a brief list of duties for the temporary role to the Unitemps Branch Manager. Once the grade has been determined this will be fed back to you via the Branch Manager.  

Role Descriptors for Unitemps

Job Category

Pay rate



Research Support


Under guidance and direction assisting with the collection research data; scientific experimentation, literature reviews, and research interviews. Contributing to the preparation of results for internal/external audiences, carrying out administrative tasks related to the delivery of the research. Where research roles do not fit this profile you should provide detail of the specific duties required to the Unitemps Branch Manager.



Working under the strict guidance and support of LJMU staff.  Work offered should be meaningful and benefit the student and the department. The internship must not be used to cover substantive work.

Student Advocate


Assisting with the delivery of workshops at school/colleges or during visit days.  Delivering and devising student life talks and subject taster sessions. Writing blogs. Mentoring students on open day visits and summer residential events. 

Call Centre


Following scripts, making call backs to students as part of university conversion strategy.  Taking calls at university clearing, inputting caller data accurately, following on screen guidance/routing to resolution of enquiry.



Checking, preparation and input of payroll/invoicing data. Responding to queries via email / telephone or in person.  Appropriate records management and secure storage of data for audit purposes.  Processing of payments and transmission through online banking facilities.



Checking delivery notes/stock levels.  Preparation and heating of food. Servicing hospitality events serving food/drinks. General housekeeping, preparation of catering outlet/hospitality venue, assisting with set up/opening and closing.  Ensuring cleanliness of equipment and crockery etc.



Basic user support /identification and resolution of faults. Data entry to record requests. Assisting with the installation of computing equipment and software



Data entry, record keeping, filing, photocopying, receiving visitors, providing basic information in person and by phone



Dealing with routine enquiries, word processing, completing basic paperwork, running reports, checking info/figures/reporting anomalies, making arrangements and bookings. Maintaining diaries.



Checking delivery notes/stock levels.  Handling cash.  General housekeeping preparation of outlet, assisting with set up/opening and closing. Maintaining store condition and merchandising.  Ascertaining and responding to customer needs.

Sports Instructor

(Sports Casual)


Providing coaching sessions appropriate to the age and

ability of the participants. Keeping register for activities,

producing and evaluating session plans. Setting out

area/equipment appropriately for sessions.

Adhere to all health and safety practices/guidelines.



This may include open days, graduation, induction & other events, promotion and displays. Helping with set up and clearing away after events, welcoming visitors, assisting with registration, answering questions, providing direction and facilitating campus tours.

Library Assistant


General signposting to library users/ explanation of library rules. Shelving and tidying of library material from book deposit bins, book trollies etc. Assisting with general maintenance of stock and collections, post, deliveries, replenishing printers.

Residential Assistant


Provide assistance/ peer support to new LJMU Students living in student accommodation, the day to day contact for any problems arising and acting as a sign post to other LJMU services. 



Role covering promotional videos, dance productions, simulated patients and life models.



Packaging and movement of boxes, general stores/housekeeping duties.

Using other Agencies

If Unitemps has been unable to source a solution from within its candidate pool within ten working days, hiring managers have the option of using external agencies on the HE Framework for Temporary labour. Your Business Partner has a list of all the agencies on the Framework – therefore please contact them for the details. 

It is important to be mindful of IR35 tax implications when using an agency, therefore please check the tax status of an individual before you do engage (PAYE or self-employed).  If the individual is self-employed please seek further guidance from your Finance Manager