Research and Innovation Services (RIS) empowers you to secure external funding and prepare for the Research Excellence Framework with access to a professional team of both grant funding and knowledge exchange expertise.

We also offer a comprehensive programme of training (ACTivator Workshops) and collaborative events (The Engagement Network – TEN) to support you. Plus the Research Ethics and Governance Team will enable you to create an ethical approach to your research and ensure the safety, dignity and rights of participants is assured.

Working closely with the RIS team, as early as possible, is the best way to prepare your funding bids and proposals – allowing us to work through the eligibility criteria with you, making bid writing more efficient and funding for your research, much more achievable.

With our understanding of your academic aims, we can help you to negotiate the best deals with business on Knowledge Transfer and Exchange projects. We also have the experience to help you unpick the details of Intellectual Property – ensuring a fair deal for external organisations, academics and the University.

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