ACTivator Programme

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ACTivator is LJMU's core programme of researcher development opportunities, designed to support you to fulfil your research potential and ambitions.

It consists of a series of half-day workshops covering the 'must haves' of being a researcher.  The workshops are designed to stand alone and can be attended in order that suits your priorities.  As you explore each topic you will see how they interrelate to build a complete package of support for all elements of the researcher role.

Workshops are designed and delivered by skilled facilitators and draw on the expertise of specialist professional service teams an academic colleagues from across the University.

What makes ACTivator distinct is that it recognises the value of your experience irrespective of whether you are just starting out on your research journey or are an established researcher.  Contribution and insights from delegates are encouraged making for lively and engaging events.  Within each workshop there is also time and space for solo thinking, planning and lots of discussion.  Learning from other researchers is a key element of ACTivator.

The ACTivator brochure lists the full range of workshops available.  As well as scheduled, 'open' sessions, these can be provided on request to distinct groups of academics, combined or tailored to needs.

The ACTivator programme animated film which charts the research journey.

For more information on the ACTivator programme and/or to discuss your development needs, please contact Mel Jones, Organisational Development Practitioner.