Video production process

Corporate Communications must authorise the commissioning of all LJMU promotional films.

To initiate the production of a new film, please complete this enquiry form.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your project requirements, or are not sure what kind of film you need, please email Neil Grant to arrange an initial Teams meeting.

Once we receive your brief, we will let you know if we will produce it in-house or if we need to use an external agency. External agencies will incur a cost and a quote must be approved by us before the project starts.

Video production companies

We have three video production companies on the official LJMU framework:

  • Agent Marketing
  • Half Cut
  • Mocha

Further information on why we use procurement-approved suppliers.

In some cases, we will give you direct access to the external agency to progress the film. Once the project has been initiated, you must provide regular updates so we can track and assess the project's progress.

You will be responsible for obtaining all the necessary permissions, including permission for filming on location and gaining consent from all participants. Please use this photography and video consent form.

Sign off and approval

Once an edit is ready for approval, you will be required to upload it to the Photography and Video Teams OneDrive. We will provide you with a link during the production process.

The video will be checked by the Brand and Design Team and either signed off or returned for amends.

When the final version of the video has been approved, you must provide the following information:

  • Title - no more than 100 characters
  • Description - including relevant links, call to actions etc.
  • Visibility - can the video be publicly available on YouTube, or does it need to be unlisted?
  • Launch date - when does the video need to go live?

A member of the Brand and Design Team will upload the approved video to the relevant platform and provide URLs to the project coordinator. The Brand and Design team will keep an archive copy of the video.