Connecting to your LJMU Desktop PC from another computer

Some aspects of your work may require you to access files on a shared drive (e.g. \\JT2\MyDepartment), your M: drive (if you haven’t yet copied your files to OneDrive) or to use some features of the Student Information System or Staff InfoBase that are not available via other routes. 

The following steps will help you to connect to your University PC from a none-LJMU computer. 

If you are using your usual LJMU Anywhere device, or have been loaned a laptop by IT Services to support working from home, just skip straight to section B (step 2).

You will be doing the following: 

A. Downloading and configuring the F5 Big IP Edge VPN Client for your device – a small piece of software that makes a secure connection between your computer and the University network (a ‘tunnel’ to get inside the network). 

B. Using the combination of the VPN client, and where appropriate, a Remote Desktop tool, to connect to your PC in the office. 

Select the appropriate tab below for instructions on how to download, install, configure and use the F5 Big IP Edge VPN Client and Remote Desktop tools for your specific device:

Mac OS

IMPORTANT: If you are working on an LJMU Anywhere laptop or Windows tablet they have their own ‘tunnel’ into the network already - If you are on one of these computers, you only need to follow the instructions in Section B. All of the laptops loaned to staff to support home working are LJMU Anywhere laptops. The remainder of these instructions will not work on LJMU Anywhere PCs.

Step A: Windows F5 Setup 

Browse to: and click on Windows 

A download will begin on the bottom left of your screen: 

If you see the below message click on Keep 

Once downloaded click on the arrow and then Open 

The following window will be displayed, click Next 

Then click Install 

The following screen will then be displayed. Please note: this may take some time 

Once complete you will see the screen below. Click Finish 

You will then need to go to your start menu, find and click on BIG-IP Edge Client 

Clicking this shortcut will begin the final part of the setup process 

Once complete you will be asked to log in. you will need to enter your LJMU (eg. ITSATEST@LJMU.AC.UK) and Password 

Finally, click Connect to connect to LJMU 

To relaunch the application following a reboot simply click on the shortcut again as in and then enter your username/password.

Students - The remaining steps in this guide are for Staff only. Please follow the link below to learn how to access an LJMU PC. 

Step B - For staff to connect to an office PC only 

Click the Windows symbol in the bottom left corner of your screen and type Remote 

Select Remote Desktop Connection 

When the Remote Desktop Connection window appears, enter your desktop PC asset number prefixed with JM, and suffixed with into the computer field: 

e.g. Asset number 74341 is Computer 

Click Connect 

You will then be asked for credentials ‐ click More Choices 

Then click Use a different account 

Enter USERS\username and your usual password, then click OK. e.g. USERS\CISATEST 

Accept the certificate by clicking Yes

Your LJMU desktop should now be visible and you can work as normal. 

When you have finished for the day, end your session by clicking the Log Off tile on your desktop in the same way as you would normally log off at the end of the day. 

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT SHUT DOWN YOUR DESKTOP PC (the one you are remotely connected to)