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Staff mandatory e-learning modules include the following:

Module Title System to Access Requirements
Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Awareness KnowBe4

The KnowBe4 System can be accessed directly here
New Staff - Within three working days of receiving registration
Quarterly - Click here for further details
Bribery Act  LearnUpon New Staff - Within three working days of receiving registration
Requirement - Once every three years
Diversity in the Workplace LearnUpon New Staff - Within three working days of receiving registration
Requirement - Once every three years
Introduction to the Prevent Duty LearnUpon New Staff - Within three working days of receiving registration
Requirement - Once
Understanding Modern Slavery LearnUpon New Staff - Within three working days of receiving registration
Requirement - Once

Process for mandatory e-learning modules and completion data

Access to the e-learning modules is via LJMU App Player, search for Learn Upon, click on the Learn Upon Icon to access the login page:

or Apple Mac Users go to

Username: Enter your LJMU username followed by e.g., 

Password is your current LJMU password. 
LJMU's e-learning modules are to be completed by all University staff unless there are changes in legislation.     

The mandatory modules provide an overview of the legislation and statutory regulations to enable compliance and an understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a member of staff.  The Bribery Act, Diversity in the Workplace modules is available in the transcript documents below. There is an expectation for staff to complete the short online quiz at the end of the e-learning modules.

Bribery Act

Diversity in the Workplace

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Further Help - For additional help, please email

The LearnUpon modules do not have to be completed all at once.  It is possible to go through them in stages, and you can revisit all of it or sections as often as you want. The modules take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  In each subject area, you can check your knowledge by answering questions.  At the end of the modules, you are required to complete a short quiz to pass the modules.  You may retake the test several times as necessary to achieve a pass.

A certificate is available at the end of the modules. As the modules are mandatory, staff completion is monitored regularly and reported to ELT and the Audit Committee quarterly.

For access or administration issues, please contact Julie Bennett, Leadership Development Foundation Officer, ext 8014 email

Further Module Details

NEW - Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Awareness - Mandatory Module

Cybersecurity and data privacy training is intended to be brief, engaging and interactive. This is necessary, as cybercrime is a rapidly growing problem for all businesses, including universities. 

Research shows that training is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of cyber-attack. The university has therefore invested in an industry-leading security awareness training platform called KnowBe4. To allow the delivery of bite-sized training on important security topics, such as how to choose a strong password, securing your home network, secure remote working and staying safe online. KnowBe4 has replaced the existing GDPR module. You will receive a notification via email when new training content is available for you to view.

For further information please click here or contact the IT Services Helpdesk via Help Me on your desktop or X5555. 

Bribery Act - Mandatory Module

Bribery Act

Institutionally, it is essential that LJMU demonstrates that it is actively working to prevent bribery and other fruadulent activities.  All staff should be aware of their responsibilities to avoid being in situations and circumstances where there may be a suspicion or incidence of fraud, bribery or corrupt practice.

For further advice about countering bribery, fraud and corruption and LJMU's measures to prevent their incidence, please contact Hannah Argo; Finance Director, email

Diversity in the Workplace - Mandatory Module

Diversity in the Workplace

This module is designed to raise awareness of equal opportunities legislation, develop understanding of the issues of equality and diversity to ensure all members of staff appreciate their responsibilities.

Working through the modules:

  • Help you to understand the equal opportunities legislation
  • Develop understanding of the issues of equality and diversity
  • Can be used as a valuable reference resource
  • Supplementary guidance for managers and staff with links to University policies and guidance

    For further advice contact Moni Akinsanya, Diversity and Inclusion Manager

General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

This module is designed to ensure staff appreciate how personal information should be collected, stored and used according to the new regulations.  

Working through the module will:

  • Help you to understand what is governed by the GDPR
  • Introduce the main changes in relation to previous legislation, your rights and responsibilities
  • Define GDPR concepts
  • Provide guidance, scenarios  and good practice
  • Raise awareness of the following University policies including Records Management, Email Compliance, Shredding and Data Protection

For further advice about GDPR please contact Tina Sparrow, Data Protection Officer or Freedom of Information queries,     

For queries about Data Protection please contact your departmental Data Protection Adviser

Introduction to the Prevent Duty - Mandatory Module

Prevent Duty

The Prevent Duty relates to a specific section of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, and it requires Universities "to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism."  This duty therefore requires all members of the University community to be aware of their responsibilities and the implications for the University.

The training module takes participants through the detail of the Prevent Duty, why it is in place, what the implications are for universities and how you can ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities of the Duty.

For further advice please contact Yvonne Turnbull, Director of Student Advice and Wellbeing Services email

LJMU Appraisals and Connected Conversations

LJMU Appraisals and Connected Conversations

This module is designed to enhance staff experience of Appraisal and Development discussions.  The module includes full details of the LJMU appraisal process, video perspectives of the importance of appraisal and development review discussions from LJMU staff, and how adopting a coaching approach can improve the experience for both line managers and staff.

Future Ways of Working

We are pleased to offer a new staff development resource Future Ways of Working to support everyone preparing to return to the University. The resource enhances government advice and focuses on the emotional implications of people returning to the workplace. It looks at the requirements of different staff members which explores issues around mental health, vulnerable staff and giving people space for reflection, reviewing, reconnecting and rebooting.

LJMU Moving Forward Together

Wellbeing During COVID-19

Understanding Modern Slavery - Mandatory Module

Understanding Modern Slavery

In 2015 the UK government passed the Modern Slavery Act which aims to tackle slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour.  Section 54 of the act specifically requires organisations with a turnover of at least £36 million to take steps to ensure there is no slavery or human trafficking within its own business or within its supply chain.

The aims of this course are to enable you to:

  • Understand and recognise the types of Modern Slavery
  • Know the areas of high risk
  • Know what to do if you suspect somebody is the victim of slavery

For further advice please contact Hannah Argo, Finance Director email