Staff E-learning Modules

Training is accessed via KnowBe4 and LearnUpon using LJMU single-sign-on.  KnowBe4 can be accessed via 'Quick Links' on the LJMU Staff Homepage.

Accessing LearnUpon

Please use one of the following methods to access the e-learning modules:

  1. Go to the LJMU web page and click on the 'LearnUpon' icon via 'Quick Links'
  2. Go directly to
  3. On a managed LJMU device, open the LJMU App Player and search for 'LearnUpon', click on the LearnUpon icon to access.


LJMU's e-learning modules are to be completed by all University staff unless there are changes in legislation.

The mandatory modules provide an overview of the legislation and statutory regulations to enable compliance and an understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a member of staff. There is an expectation for staff to complete the short online quiz at the end of the e-learning modules.

The LearnUpon modules do not have to be completed all at once. It is possible to go through them in stages, and you can revisit all of it or sections as often as you want. The modules take approximately 45 minutes to complete. In each subject area, you can check your knowledge by answering questions. At the end of the modules, you are required to complete a short quiz to pass the modules. You may retake the test several times as necessary to achieve a pass.

A certificate is available at the end of the modules. As the modules are mandatory, staff completion is monitored regularly and reported to ELT and the Audit Committee quarterly.

For access or administration issues, please contact Joan Graham, Organisational Development Administrator

For additional help, please email

Access Guide (PDF, 746KB) FAQs (PDF, 214KB) Module Completion Data (PDF, 454KB)

Mandatory Staff E-Learning Modules

Anti-Money Laundering - Mandatory Module

Bribery Act - Mandatory Module

Criminal Finance Act - Mandatory Module

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Awareness - Mandatory Module

Diversity in the Workplace - Mandatory Module

Environmental Sustainability - Mandatory Module

General Data Protection Regulation

Introduction to the Prevent Duty - Mandatory Module

Understanding Modern Slavery - Mandatory Module

Optional Staff E-learning Modules

Climate Change

Diversity and Inclusion e-Learning Resources

Future Ways of Working

LJMU Appraisals and Connected Conversations

Mental Health and Wellbeing