Getting it right: My Name

Why are names important?

Names connect us to our families, our culture, and our country. Sometimes it can be the only thing you have that is truly unique. Therefore, by getting someone’s name right you are respecting a person’s individuality.

Pronunciation top tips

  • Introductions - Take notice to how a person pronounces their name.
  • Made a mistake? - If you accidently get it wrong, most people won’t take it the wrong way. Just accept the correction and say, “thank you”.
  • Ask - If you are not sure of someone’s name, ask them & make sure you practice the correct pronunciation from that point onwards.
  • Don’t adapt names, practice them instead - Try not to shorten or adapt someone else’s name to make it easier for you to pronounce, give it a try and practice. You can do so in advance and in private where possible so you can make everyone feel valued.

Don’t forget about getting it right in emails and documents too - this makes a big difference as well.

You can now add your name pronunciation and pronouns on Outlook through NameCoach.