Academic Planning & Information is responsible for the university’s student related reporting across the institution generated from the one true source of such data, the student information system (currently SIS). This includes the production of timely, valid and accurate student related data for statutory returns by government agencies. Reporting can be split into several categories:-

  • Data Quality (Including monitoring thereof)
  • Current Student Data/Numbers/Performance
  • Historical Student Data/Numbers/Performance/ Benchmarking e.g. HESA, Trend data
  • Future Targets e.g. Student Number Target Setting
  • Statutory Returns (HESA Student, ITT, AOR, KIS, IP) (Link to separate page here)

Such reporting is delivered primarily via the Web Hub. The Web Hub acts as a powerful user friendly reporting tool as well as the institutions Business Intelligence system giving an all in one solution. The tool has over 1000 users providing information, operational tools and reporting solutions to a university wide audience.