Student Information System

In 2010, Liverpool John Moores University went live with a new system for managing student information.  The new system is an Oracle product called Campus Solutions which is known locally within LJMU as the Student Information System (SIS).

Admissions and other underpinning areas went live in August 2010 as part of the first phase of the go-live strategy, with student records, student finance and financial aid going live the following academic year.

The Student Information System is used for managing student information from the point of application to graduation.

All staff are eligible for access to SIS with bespoke access levels created to provide easier navigation and enhance the user experience. 

All Students have access to SIS and can use it to;

  • update person details (term time address, phone, email, emergency contacts etc.)
  • view their own person and programme information along with their previous academic performance
  • engage with Online Module Selection (selecting option choices for the next academic year) 
  • confirm attendance at various points in the academic year

If you have any questions about the Student Information System, please contact the Business Support team via helpdesk (or click the LJMU HelpMe icon which appears on your JMU desktop) and select "Support for Corporate Systems" then "Student Information System", this will ensure that all tickets submitted will be directed straight to our team.