Meet the Business Support team

The Business Support team is part of the Academic Planning and Information Services (APIS) team which is responsible for the functional support of student administration systems and their future development. The team will focus on supporting staff that use these corporate systems by:

  • Providing a supportive and responsive student systems Helpdesk to users who provide the front-line delivery
  • delivering appropriate training on student systems to both new and existing staff in line with LJMU processes
  • creating a central repository for up to date training documentation that is readily available and easy to use, via the Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)
  • encouraging knowledge transfer by initiating ‘health checks’ and discussion groups with all staff users
  • communicating with staff regarding further development of the student systems and taking part in ‘User Forums’

The staff that work in the Business Support team are:

Carl Denny - Business Support Manager

Tracey Einig-Jones - Business Support Officer

Linda Higgins - Business Support Officer

Stephanie Linfield - Business Support Officer

Debbie Smith - Business Support Officer

Diane Taggart - Business Support Officer

John Rae - Head of Academic Planning and Information Services 

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