LJMU’s Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is currently used for managing interactions in relation to admissions, student recruitment, international enquiries, careers and student advice and wellbeing, and aims to create a single repository of all interactions with students throughout the entire student lifecycle, from enquiry through to alumni.

Since 2015 LJMU have been using Microsoft Dynamics (replacing the previous Oracle CRM). Present capabilities of Dynamics include enquiry management, event management, marketing campaigns, case management and management information on one platform.

Users of the system are supported by Business Support team, with additional technical support within ITS. We also have third party support from Crimson Consultants.

If you require access to the system, you can do so here. If you have any questions/issues about Microsoft Dynamics CRM then your first point of contact is Business Support team.

Please get in touch with us via Helpdesk by clicking on the LJMU HelpMe below.

CRM guides



Careers EACA 1-2-1 Appointments V0.3 -January 2022

Careers EACA Advisor View Dashboard V0.2 -January 2022

Careers SIO 1-2-1 Appointments V0.3 -January 2022

Careers SIO Dashboard V0.1 -January 2022

Careers SIO Emails V0.1 -January 2022

Introduction to CRM 29/11/2018

Careers User Guide - Upgrade 22/11/2019

Event Booking 29/11/2018


Adding Notes to a Case in CRM V.01 - January 2022

Creating a Case V0.2 - January 2022

CRM Phone Calls V0.1 - January 2022

CRM Appointments V0.1 - January 2022

CRM Upload Documents V0.1 - January 2022

Sending Emails V0.1 - January 2022

Set Regarding - January 2022


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Faculty admissions

International admissions

International recruitment