Review and maintain your content

You are responsible for the accuracy and upkeep of your content.

Review your content

You must have a review procedure for your content.

Review all content and pages on a regular basis.

The Content Owner, Subject-Matter Expert, and other stakeholders must agree the review date.

Update and note the review date each time the content is reviewed or updated.

Arrange for a reminder to review and check that the content is still relevant. We recommend that a reminder is shared with a group of people, rather than one person.

Updating and maintaining your content

You are responsible for making sure all your content remains up to date.

The Web Content Team reserves the right to unpublish out-of-date or inaccurate content. We will endeavour to contact you to discuss the next steps before we unpublish. If a page does not have a content owner and is out-of-date or inaccurate, we will unpublish it.

We recommend that you do not put a date on the page unless it is necessary and part of the context. A date is quickly interpreted as ‘out-of-date’. A date will also have different relevance to different users.

See the ‘Time-sensitive content’ section on the Web content style guide.

Unpublishing your content

If you unpublish or retire a webpage or digital document, then links to it will break.

It is very important for you to update all links to the unpublished page. As well as checking your own content, you will need to check for links on other pages because other owners may have linked to your content.

Further web content guidance

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