Submitting a website publishing request

This page describes how to submit a website request so that we can provide you with the best service.

The Web Content Team is part of the LJMU Brand and Design Team within Corporate Communications. We build, publish, and maintain the LJMU website for you and for our users.

The aim for us all is to deliver the best experience to our website users.

We are legally required to make sure that we deliver an accessible website, and you have a part to play in this too. This guide,  our Web content style guide, and the Making your content accessible guide will help you provide the Web Content Team with accurate, accessible, and timely content.

Please do not engage a third party or external company for improvement recommendations.

Engaging external parties does not take our strategy, brand and resources into consideration. It may also result in costly solutions that we cannot put in place. Please contact the Web Content Team through the HelpMe Portal to discuss any issues or suggestions that you may have.

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Submitting a web content request

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Session notes and assets

From time to time, we provide sessions and demonstrations to support the guidance. The notes and supporting documents for these sessions can be found on the Session notes and assets page.

We will update the Session notes and assets page in line with developing the website, so please check it regularly to keep up to date.

Web Content Community messages

Emails that we send to the Web Content Community are stored in the Web Content Community Hub Teams group.