Using Courseloop

Courseloop - LJMU's Curriculum Management system

LJMU uses Courseloop as its curriculum management system. Courseloop will be the Single Source of Truth that maintains a definitive record of the university's academic offering and of their associated governance meetings.

Access Courseloop 

Please note
Access is restricted to LJMU staff. 

Definitive approved versions of LJMU programmes and modules may be viewed in the LJMU Course Catalogue.

Courseloop guides

The following guides to Courseloop are available to download:

Understanding how your course is marketed: the course marketing pages pull information from three areas in Courseloop - the programme academic item, the module academic items (module overviews) and the programme marketing item. There are slight differences depending upon the type of programme:

Glossary of Courseloop terminology

  • Academic Item - these are of two types - Programme and Module.
  • Planning Proposal - used to request a new programme
  • Proposal - used both for validation and review of an existing programme and for making changes to existing academic items.
  • Editorial Change - a change that doesn't require approval e.g. updating module leader.

Who does what?

Academic Planning and Fees Panel

  • APFP considers Planning Proposals - requests for new programmes or changes to a programme's title.
  • APFP also considers Proposals for programme closure or suspension, the introduction of additional intakes or sandwich years.

Validation and Review events

  • Once a Planning Proposal for a new programme is approved by APP, a Validation Event will be held to approve the detailed programme structure and its delivery
  • After a period of time (usually five years) a Review Event will held to review the programme and whether any changes are required.

Validation and Review Oversight Panel

  • VROP has oversight of all validation and review events. It also acts as the validating body for Certificates of Professional Development.

Programme and Module Amendment Panel

  • PMAP considers Proposals to change programmes and modules requested outside of the validation and review cycle: e.g. addition of an option, change to module assessment.

PSRB Oversight Panel

  • PSRBOP considers requests for Variances from the Academic Framework Regulations

Recruitment Policy Panel

  • RPP considers Proposals to change a programme's admissions requirements outside of the validation and review cycle