Meet the Academic Registry team

Academic Registrar

Professor Alison Cotgrave

Assistant Academic Registrars

Drew Li - Postgraduate and Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies

Liz Whitfield - Student liaison and Faculty of Health

Henry Forsyth - Academic Framework and Faculty of Business and Law

Graham Sherwood - Course information and Faculty of Engineering and Technology / Faculty of Science

Stuart Borthwick - Student Governance

Academic Planning and Information

Head of Academic Planning and Information – John Rae

Business Support – Carl Denny

Academic Planning – Andrew Philip

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Quality and Standards

Head of Quality and Standards – Andrew Jarrett

Collaborative Partnerships – Vicky Jones

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Registry Services

Head of Registry Services– Claire Breen

Student Records – Steve Kane

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University Timetabling Manager - Louise Medlam

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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships Manager - Jo Bowen

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