Degree Apprenticeships

A degree apprenticeship is a route into work-based learning that enables apprentices to achieve a full degree while developing practical skills in the workplace. Employers benefit from sponsoring an apprentice by gaining a highly-skilled employee with both the academic qualifications and the relevant knowledge shaped by their on-the-job experience.

Why become a degree apprentice?

LJMU has been delivering degree apprenticeships since 2016 and currently has more than 1,200 students working across a range of sectors, including policing, healthcare, civil engineering, chartered surveying and business management.

Hear from some of our degree apprentices about their experiences at LJMU.

Praise from Ofsted

LJMU has received glowing praise from Ofsted for its degree apprenticeship programmes for fostering outstanding behaviour and attitudes among students while providing high-quality education tailored to local and regional employer needs, setting the stage for future growth.

Key facts

  • The apprentice spends 80% of their time at work and 20% studying part-time
  • Offers a more practical and work-related approach to gaining a qualification
  • Learners need to meet the entry requirements for the degree, just like any other student
  • Tuition fees are paid by the employer with funding from the Government
  • LJMU offers a number of Degree Apprenticeship courses with more planned for the future 
  • Open to anyone over the age of 16 including school-leavers and existing staff that need to upskill 
  • Learners are in the workplace for at least 30 hours per week, earning a wage and receiving other employment entitlements
  • Learners complete their degree within four to five years

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