Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Explore a wide range of materials on Black Lives Matter from inside and outside LJMU

Professor Ian Campbell - Vice-Chancellor

Alongside our colleagues at JMSU, we have put together this material and made it publicly available prominently on our website as part of our commitment to doing all we can to shine a light on the issues arising from the Black Lives Matter campaign and to help support our students, staff and those in the Liverpool black community.

It is not intended to be ‘the answer’ but a set of resources that will hopefully make a contribution to improve the experience of our black students and staff. I am very grateful to those involved who have pulled these materials together, especially Kehinde Ross, Andrea Newman and Moni Akinsanya, as well as Lila Tamea and Julia Daer in their roles as JMSU Presidents.

I hope you will find these webpages thought-provoking and will share them widely within and outside LJMU.

Professor Ian Campbell

We will keep these pages updated following suggestions and feedback from students, staff and others. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email or email LJMU’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Moni Akinsanya.


Never judge a book by its cover

LJMU’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team has produced a new film exploring unconscious bias, intercultural competence and micro-aggressions.

To find out more about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at LJMU, please visit the EDI webpages.