Black Lives Matter

Explore a wide range of materials on Black Lives Matter from inside and outside LJMU

In 2021, we created this microsite to respond to the global outcry that Black Lives Matter.

Here at LJMU we are unequivocal about the need to examine ourselves and our community to become a welcoming place for students of colour.

A major part of this process has been our reciprocal mentoring scheme which has matched Leader’s from the university with students who can give us first-hand accounts about their life and studying in Liverpool.

Here, on this site you will find updates on the work we are carrying out, and information to help you if you are either a new or current student here at the University.

Our ambition is strong and, along with others from both student and staff, we are determined to change and be a place that we can all be proud of.

We are very grateful to all those involved in pulling these resources together, especially Kehinde Ross, Andrea Newman and Moni Akinsanya, as well as the support from JMSU.

We hope you will find these webpages thought-provoking and will share them widely within and outside LJMU.


Reciprocal mentoring

Watch our staff and students talk about their personal experiences, sharing and teaching each other in a powerful set of interviews with LJMU alum and local radio host Ngunan Adamu.

Reciprocal mentoring

Here at Liverpool John Moores University we have a commitment to issues of Diversity and Inclusion that falls across every part of our work. The events of the Black Lives Matter movement have created a willingness and demand to engage with a newfound sense of purpose. Colleagues have come together to discuss how we understand the issues and how we make changes, such as our group looking at how we decolonise the curriculum.

But some of our most exciting projects are the positive actions we can take. Our reciprocal mentoring scheme is empowering students and opening minds with our senior leadership. We have also launched a programme of traineeships for members of the community that will create new pathways for a career in higher education for people of colour.  

The Diversity and Inclusion Team want to thank everyone who has been involved for giving their time, energy and passion for making these changes, especially Julia Daer for her work on the Reciprocal Mentoring Programme. 

Our programmes run throughout the year, following suggestions and feedback from students, staff and others. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email or email me - Moni Akinsanya.

Moni Akinsanya 
Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion

"I am delighted to see that LJMU are taking a positive action approach to recruitment and welcome the opportunity for Black and BAME people to apply for a wide range of jobs within the University”

Kim Johnson MP