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Pre-departure advice

Travel information for international students

Our travel tips should make travelling to the UK a simpler and more enjoyable experience.

Although travelling to the UK to study is exciting, we know it can also be a daunting experience. In this section you'll find our tips for packing and travelling, as well as three steps you'll need to follow when you first arrive in the UK. We have included details about our airport pick-up service too. We wish you the best of luck with your journey and look forward to welcoming you into the Liverpool John Moores University community.

Airport Pickup Service

LJMU operate an airport pick-up service for International students from Manchester International Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Students can request this service here.

Important information for arriving in the UK

You must complete this online form before arriving in the UK from any country, including if you are travelling from a country where you do not have to self-isolating when you arrive in the UK. You must complete this form even if you've completed another form to enter another country. If you do not complete this form before you arrive in the UK it may take you longer to enter the country. You cannot submit this form until 48 hours before you are due to arrive in the UK. You can find more information on the Gov.UK website.

What to pack and what not to pack

Use these tips when packing

Official documents:

Make sure you bring all the documentation you'll need to clear immigration and customs. Keep this documentation on you or keep the documents in your hand luggage. You should also take a photocopy of all important documents, including your passport and immigration documents. Keep the photocopies in your main luggage.


Check the airline's luggage allowance and only pack as much as you can carry. Typically passengers are allowed 20kg plus hand luggage. Some charter flights only allow 15kg plus hand luggage though, so check beforehand. Make a list of everything you pack, so that if your luggage is lost you can account for any missing items.

Hand luggage:

If you are arriving into the UK in September it can feel quite cool, especially in the evenings or early mornings. We recommend that you pack a jumper (or similar item of clothing) in your hand luggage. In case your luggage is delayed or lost, you should also pack any essential overnight items in your hand luggage, such as toiletries and a change of clothing.


Liverpool's climate is changeable. Generally, the summer (June to early September) is warm, though rarely very hot. The rest of the year is cooler and can be quite damp. The winter months (November to March) are sometimes cold and frosty. Occasionally temperatures can drop below freezing. If you come from a very different climate it may be cheaper to buy suitable clothes for the different seasons when you arrive in Liverpool.


It is illegal to bring meat, fish, plants and honey into the UK. Please see the HM Custom and Excise website for prohibited goods. Liverpool has lots of supermarkets selling a variety of foods from all over the world where you can purchase your favourite items cheaply.


Pack pictures, photos and posters to brighten your room and to help you feel more at home.

Electrical items:

Please ensure all your electrical items are insured against theft and damage while in transit. You will be able to buy adaptors here, but they may be cheaper if you buy them before you travel.

Passport photos:

Bring a few passport-sized photographs with you. These will be useful for student discount cards and travel cards. If you forget, there are machines at airports and railway stations in the UK.

Travel tips

Follow these seven travel tips

  1. Keep your luggage with you at all times
  2. Keep money and valuable belongings such as laptops and MP3 players out of sight
  3. Don’t leave your luggage unattended – it will be considered a security threat
  4. Don’t look after luggage/parcels for strangers or allow strangers to look after your belongings
  5. Don’t carry an item through airport customs for someone else
  6. Don’t accompany people you have only just met to places you do not know
  7. Only use taxis from an official taxi rank. These taxis are licensed and insured to carry paying passengers. Taxi ranks are usually located near the entrance/exit of airports and railway stations

Planning your journey to Liverpool

Before booking your flights, please check the start date of your accommodation contract.  If you need to arrive any earlier than this date, you will need to contact your accommodation provider to request an early check-in where possible or arrange alternative accommodation in a nearby hotel until your contract start date. 

Please also check your academic course start date on your CAS statement or your offer paperwork before booking flights. Latest enrolment dates are given to all students for information in case extra time is needed for visa clearance or other mitigating circumstances, however, if you are able to enter the country in time for your indicated enrolment date, we strongly recommend you take part in all activities during your first week to help you integrate into life on campus. Please always double check the start date of your course before booking flights as not all course start dates fall in line with general enrolment weeks.

Use these tips to plan your journey:

  • Check Visit Britain for information and advice that will help you plan your journey
  • Some scholarship agencies (for example, the British Council) help their scholars with travel arrangements. If you are receiving a scholarship, check the information from your scholarship agency
  • If you have arranged your international travel through a travel agent, ask the agent if they can help you arrange your onward journey in the UK
  • Consult airport websites or information from your travel agent for details about services at airports
  • If you have any problem on arrival, go to the information centre or help desk at the airport or train station

Liverpool is accessible by road, rail and air

By air: There are numerous flights to Liverpool John Lennon Airport which is only seven miles from the city centre. The KLM service between Schiphol, Amsterdam and Liverpool connects the City Region with more than 750 worldwide destinations. Visit the Liverpool John Lennon Airport website for more information.

By rail: The mainline train station, Liverpool Lime Street, is ideally located in the heart of the city centre. Virgin Trains offer a direct high-speed service from the centre of London in a little over two hours. Liverpool has an extensive local rail service provided by Merseyrail.

By road: There are major motorway links to the M62, M57, M58 and M56 and all are within easy reach of the city centre and Liverpool John Moores University. Liverpool’s National Express coach station offers services to and from all major UK cities, including central London.

If you need more information or would like some advice, contact