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  1. Discover magazine recognises Homo naledi research

    Research regarding the discovery of a new species of human relative shedding light on the origins an...

    Anthropology Natural Sciences Science
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  2. Graduates win Royal Television Society award

    Four Media Production graduates have won a prestigious Royal Television Society (RTS) award for thei...

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  3. On the set of Peaky Blinders

    A group of second year Media Production students interested in forging careers in television product...

    Film Media
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  4. Milestone for National Schools' Observatory

    Secondary school pupils in Swindon, studying a supernova which exploded almost a 1,000 years ago, ha...

    Astrophysics Science
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  5. Researchers on hand at Tim Peake link up

    Researchers from LJMU’s Astrophysics Research Institute and School of Sport and Exercise Sciences su...

    Astrophysics Corporate Sport Science
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  6. Beatles heritage adds £81.9m to economy

    Research reveals that The Beatles legacy adds £81.9m to economy each year and creates 2,335 jobs.

    Corporate Press releases Research
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