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  • Wanted: students to live with monkeys

    Wanted: students to live with monkeys

    LJMU students are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to venture out into the wilds of Tanzania to study primates in their natural habitat. Find out about their experiences.

  • Up for the challenge

    Up for the challenge

    We catch up with Greg Whyte to ask him about his recent work in public engagement in sport science and to find out what it’s like training celebrities for Sport and Comic Relief Challenges.

  • Changing the game

    Changing the game

    We talk to women coaches about gender inequality in sports, particularly in the profession of coaching.

  • The life of a primatologist

    The life of a primatologist

    Meet LJMU primate specialist and lecturer in Animal Behaviour, Dr Alex Piel. He talks about his research on chimpanzees and what they tell us about our own history.