Our work with subcontractors

Liverpool John Moores University engages with subcontractors in certain subject areas to ensure that apprenticeship programmes suit the needs of the apprentice, the employer and, where appropriate, professional and regulatory bodies.

The University works with subcontractors in cases where additional training providers and/or employer-providers have expertise that will enhance the delivery of the apprentice's training and learner experience.

When acting as the main provider within an apprenticeship, the University will provide governance and quality assurance for all delivery under the apprenticeship, and hold the contractual and financial relationships with the employer and the ESFA.

The assessment and approval of any apprenticeship subcontractors is managed via the University's Quality Management Processes and Academic Framework. In line with ESFA guidance, specific apprenticeship subcontracting legal agreements are used. These processes ensure that the university conducts due diligence with all potential delivery subcontractors and that robust contractual arrangements are in place to ensure high quality delivery that meets the expectations of all parties.

The use of delivery subcontractors is agreed with apprentice employers prior to the commencement of the apprenticeship programme, and is captured in the training services agreement. The training services agreement documents the elements of the apprenticeship delivered by the agreed subcontractor(s) and provides transparency as to the costs of the subcontracted delivery. These records are available for review by the ESFA as required.

The use of delivery subcontractors, and the value of each subcontract, is reported by the University in line with ESFA guidance.