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Please call us on +44(0)151 231 5090 if you have any questions.

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Clearing FAQ

What is Confirmation?

All A level results are released on Thursday 15 August 2019.

By this date, all institutions will have made decisions to confirm the position of every student's application (unless additional examination results are still not known and are necessary to make a decision, e.g. GCSE Maths). If you have met the conditions of a conditional offer the University is committed to accepting you on this course.

There are three ways to check that you have been accepted:

  1. Call our Confirmation Helpline from 6.30am onwards on +44 (0)151 231 5090 and speak to an advisor

  2. Check your phone; if you have a mobile number registered with UCAS you will have received a confirmation text from LJMU

  3. Log on to UCAS Track with your personal UCAS ID number. Please do not panic if UCAS Track has not been updated, this could be for a variety of reasons – please call us on +44(0)151 231 5090 for advice

If you have not met all the conditions of your chosen course the University may still be able to offer you an alternative programme. This will be indicated on Track by the symbol UCC and you are under no obligation to accept this alternative offer. UCAS will send you a Confirmation Change letter via Track outlining all the options available to you.

If you have been unsuccessful with both your CF and CI offers, you may also consider finding an alternative course through Clearing.

Note: you can expect to see confirmation of your place via UCAS Track and will receive a Confirmation letter in UCAS Track five to seven days after your place is confirmed (please note this letter will not be posted or emailed to you). If you have received this confirmation it is not necessary to contact the institution as your place is confirmed.

If you have sat for examinations other than A levels then your results are likely to be published on different dates. Although the Clearing process will remain the same for everyone who does not hold a confirmed offer, there are a number of qualifications for which we do not receive the results directly. If this applies to you please advise us by providing evidence of your qualifications as soon as you receive them, enabling us to confirm your place.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is the process whereby universities and colleges promote courses with vacancies recruiting for the coming September, after they have considered the results of applicants holding offers. Clearing therefore gives applicants the opportunity to apply for other courses at other universities.

Please call our Vacancy Hotline on +44 (0)808 5 564 565 if you would like to find a course through Clearing.

Navigate the late application process and how to get the best results with our Clearing top tips.

Am I eligible for Clearing?

You are eligible to apply through Clearing if you:

  • do not hold any offers from any institutions
  • have failed to achieve the grades required and have therefore been unsuccessful with both your firm and insurance choice institutions
  • have declined or failed to respond to an offer of an alternative course
  • you are making a late application (after 30 June)

Electronic Clearing will again be taking place this year. If you meet the above criteria you will be notified by UCAS that you are eligible for Clearing via Track and an 'add Clearing choice' button will appear on your 'choices' page. We would encourage you to regularly check the status of your application via UCAS Track.

All applicants in the Clearing process will be supplied with a Clearing number starting with the letter C – please remember to quote this number when speaking to universities.

What happens when I receive a Clearing offer?

If a university decides that you meet the requirements of your chosen course they will make you a verbal offer. It is important to take time to consider the course offer and find out additional information about the course, the location and accommodation available. 

Students will be asked if they hold an offer elsewhere, and providing you are not holding a place at another institution you can accept the offer. The final step is to enter the university's details on UCAS Track. At LJMU we ask all students who are made verbal offers to reply to us within five days to confirm they wish to take up the place. Once all the necessary procedures are completed by the University, UCAS Track will be updated which officially confirms your place.

What is Adjustment?

If you have not only met but exceeded your original conditional firm (CF) offer you now have the opportunity to use the UCAS Adjustment process. Adjustment allows you to potentially reconsider where and what you would like to study.

Simply log on to UCAS Track and select 'Register for Adjustment' on your 'choices' screen. Please note that UCAS does not have the ability to see if you have met or exceeded your original offer and this process is entirely optional – many students will be very happy with their original choice.

The Adjustment process is available from 15 August until 31 August 2019. A student's individual Adjustment period starts when their conditional firm (CF) choice changes to unconditional firm (UF). From this point you will have five calendar days (five 24 hour periods) to register and secure an alternative place.

If you become eligible to use Adjustment less than five calendar days before 31 August, you have the remaining time before then to have a place confirmed. For example, if you become UF on 29 August you will have three days to use the process.

To find vacancies at LJMU call our Vacancy Hotline on +44 (0)808 5 564 565.

If you decide to accept an alternative place via Adjustment your original choice will no longer be available to you. It is important that you think over all factors when considering Adjustment, including the academic and non-academic implications of changing course e.g. accommodation and/or student finance.

Once you have accepted a place at LJMU, take a look at our next steps guide.

When is the Clearing Open Day?

Anyone wishing to secure a place at LJMU through Clearing or Adjustment is invited to attend our Clearing Open Day on Saturday 17 August. This is a great opportunity to talk to staff and see our facilities. Whether you have already secured a place via the Vacancy Hotline – +44(0)808 5 564 565 – or want to come along and see what's still available, join us for our Clearing Open Day. 

Details about our Open Day are still to be confirmed, please check back soon for more information.