Some use postgraduate study to move up the career ladder, others to change direction and many simply to update their skills or enhance their knowledge. Here are just some of the reasons why a step up to postgraduate study could help you reach new heights.

Get the job you want

An undergraduate degree is undoubtedly a great asset but, on graduation, many students are still not entirely sure what they want to do. Studying for a masters gives you time to think, enables you to dig deeper into your subject area and see exactly what you want from your career.

Postgraduate qualifications make you stand out from the crowd. The confidence, knowledge and transferable skills you gain at masters level prepare you for the world of work and give you the confidence to succeed.

Fast track your career

Many jobs these days require postgraduate study for career progression. The independent learning skills you develop at this level assure employers that you are capable of working at a higher level, challenging the status quo and finding creative solutions to 21st century problems.

A change of direction

Selecting your future career path at the age of 18 can be quite a challenge. That’s why so many people choose postgraduate study to help them change direction. Many courses welcome applicants from other disciplines, focusing on the skills you have gained in your undergraduate degree rather than your knowledge of a particular sector. By learning to use your skills in a different way, you could move into the career you want and make a fresh start.

Great earning potential

When it comes to reaching their career potential, postgraduate students up to the age of 30 typically earn £9,000 more per year than those without a degree. This is double the £4,500 difference between undergraduate degree holders and those without a degree (Department for Education 2018)

And if you want to set up on your own, LJMU is ranked in the top 25 UK universities for graduate business start-ups.

Learning with a practical edge

Postgraduate study is not just about classroom learning, it is about applying your knowledge in the real world, making sound connections in your chosen industry and seeing how the latest thinking and research is impacting the real world. By becoming an expert in your field you can start to make a significant impact in your sector.


Taught or research?

Once you've decided to study at postgraduate level you need to choose between taught and research opportunities. To help you find the right option, take a look at our Choosing your postgraduate qualification page.

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