About us

Our Vision and Values

“An inclusive civic university transforming lives and futures, by placing students at the heart of everything we do.”

– Professor Mark Power
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

Liverpool John Moores University is a distinctive, unique institution, rooted in the Liverpool City Region but with a global presence.

Our students and staff, past, present, and future, are the beating heart of our city and can be found in every corner of every industry and community. We couldn’t exist anywhere else and have shaped this place we belong to.

Working with the people of our city to improve lives and support communities is at the heart of why we were founded and why we exist today.

Growing and supporting our community is a commitment to work in partnership on an inclusive and positive future for all of those around us.

The world is changing at incredible speed, and we believe our mission is to develop exciting, brave, resilient people and embrace effective, impactful change.

Our values

Our approach to everything we do, guiding our attitudes and behaviours, is defined by our four values.

Infographic displaying LJMU's values - we are student focused, we are courageous, we are inclusive and we care about our community

Faq Items

We are student focused

Caring for our students to give them a transformational student experience

Our every focus is on the students who come to us to learn, develop, and grow. Here they will discover who they are, and how they are going to change the world. And we will do everything to help them do it.

That means:

  • Recognising our diverse and international community, and the potential we have to be life-changing to everyone
  • Having confidence in our students and an appreciation of their life experience. This is vital as we work in partnership with them to support their aspirations
  • Enhancing our students’ academic and intellectual journey, as well as driving an excellent student experience beyond the classroom
  • Ensuring that we make a positive difference with every contact
  • Encouraging our students to be responsible global citizens
  • Developing a strong sense of pride in our student community

We are inclusive

Embracing and respecting diversity

With an open mind to different cultures and experiences, we are passionate about taking positive actions towards greater equality while challenging unfairness.

We provide a safe environment for all to flourish and involve individuals and communities in the decisions that impact on them.

At LJMU, above all else, we want everyone who studies here, works here and works with us, to feel respected, and to respect others, always.

We care about our community

Making a difference to people’s lives

Our staff and students, past, present and future, are the beating heart of our city. We couldn’t exist anywhere else and have shaped this place we belong to.

Growing and supporting our community is a commitment to work in partnership on a positive future for those around us. This means:

  • Embracing our civic agenda in active partnership with our neighbours in the city region, nationally and globally
  • Empowering our own community to be active agents of change and transformation
  • Working in pro-active partnership through energising leadership to transform our neighbourhoods
  • Making a contribution to building a fairer, greener and more inclusive society, by giving opportunity to under-represented groups
  • Being pro-active in making a difference to the diverse communities we serve

We are courageous

Speaking out boldly and acting for change

The world is changing at incredible speed, and in order to not be left behind we must embrace effective, impactful change, even when this feels uncomfortable.

To deliver on this value we will:

  • Be aspirational as a university community to drive innovation and to spark change
  • Be courageous in our approach and imaginative in our work
  • Embrace change and accept that we can challenge the status quo
  • Speak openly and honestly with each other and act with agency