Research collaboration and partnership

We want to work with like-minded and enthusiastic institutions and businesses on exciting projects. We're looking to establish a long-lasting collaboration. If you’re seeking such a partnership, get in touch.

Reaching beyond borders

We’re currently working on research projects with universities and organisations from across the globe. So whether you’re based in the UK or on the other side of the world, if you're passionate about finding solutions to the problems of the 21st century, we would love to work with you.

Get involved in research with us

No matter what stage your concept is at, whatever field you are in, our innovative, skilled research teams are keen to make a positive impact and deliver results that will help you achieve your goals. We are one of the top universities in the UK for engaging with industry and when it comes to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, we are award-winning.

Have a look at our research areas to find out more about the research interests of our staff.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

What is it?

A unique collaborative opportunity for business to stimulate and enhance relevant research. A qualified Liverpool John Moores University graduate with the appropriate skills and knowledge will work full time within your business to deliver a project central to your strategic development plans.

How can you benefit?

  • As KTPs are part-funded by government, you can reduce your project costs (a company pays between 33% and 50% of the project costs
  • With University involvement from day one, you’ll have key academic(s) from relevant fields spending time on the project
  • Your business will have access to University resources and labs relevant to your project, meaning you won’t need to invest in specialist equipment to realise your objectives

Are you a student looking for a research opportunity?

Visit our research areas to see the type of research we get involved in and then get in touch with us to talk through your interest in detail.

If you are a prospective research student, you can take a look at our current research opportunities.

View our postgraduate students section for further information on topics such as: finding the right course, how to apply, financing your study, and more.

"Our partnership with LJMU has been transformational; it has challenged our vision, broadened out thinking and deepened our business integration. We couldn't have deployed so successfully without their support. This year, we are on target to achieve an extra £10m in the group revenue. LJMU is now a natural source for 'new blood' to take the organisation forward."

Matthew Clarke -
Founder and Director of Strategy and Development, Alternative Group