Tuition fee deposit for international students

International applicants need to pay a deposit

Many of you have asked if you can pay your tuition fee deposit in instalments due to banking restrictions in your own countries at this time. We are pleased to confirm that you can do this if this is the most suitable and convenient method for you. In order to receive your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to apply for your visa, you will need to have paid 50% of your fees in total to the University before this will be released to you.

We would also like to provide reassurance to you around our tuition fee deposit refund policy. If you are unable to travel to the UK, or decide not to take up your place at the University in September, and have paid a deposit, this is fully refundable. We do not charge any administration fees to provide refunds to our applicants. If you need to request a refund of your deposit at any time, this can be done so by filling in this refund form.

Please also kindly note that a deposit can only be refunded back in the same way payment was received by the University, and to the same person who made the payment originally. If you are required to pay a deposit, this will also be outlined in the offer letter you received from the University.

As an international student, unless you are exempt (see exemption reasons below), you will need to pay a tuition fee deposit to secure your place at the University and to ensure the release of your Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). The deposit amount for students starting at LJMU in 2023/24 is 50% of your fees so either £8,450 if your tuition is £16,900 or £8,700 if your tuition is £17,400. 

Please note that any discounts/scholarships will be applied to the balance of your fees due within four months of enrolling.

We request that you pay your deposit as soon as possible to allow enough time for the necessary visa processes.

Please note that no further amount will be required for you to enrol, however you will need to have cleared your tuition fee balance within 4 months of enrolling at LJMU. 

Pay your deposit

You can pay your initial deposit using our online payment system.

Read the how to pay guide.

If you choose to, you can pay more than the deposit amount required. If we receive more than the mandatory 50%, the relevant amount will be detailed in your CAS letter. 


When paying your deposit, please quote your LJMU Applicant ID number (this should begin with the number 9 or 10), as well as the month and year you will be starting at LJMU. For example, September 2023.

Pay your deposit

Your deposit and your visa

Having paid your deposit, a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number will be produced. You can use this Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number to apply for your visa. Please note that CAS numbers can only be produced six months before the start date of the course as they expire beyond this length of time.  

Exceptions - do you need to pay a deposit?

You may not need to pay a deposit if you are a:

  • student who is sponsored by a Liverpool John Moores University recognised sponsor. You must provide appropriate evidence of official sponsorship
  • student in receipt of a full-fee scholarship 
  • student in receipt of a US federal loan

What if I am coming onto an LJMU course from Study Group, Kaplan or NCUK?  Do I need to pay a deposit? 

Yes, all students coming from Study Group, NCUK or Kaplan arranged courses, need to pay a deposit to enter onto an LJMU course.  

Deposit refund policy

Deposits will only be refunded to the person or body who paid the fee. You can request a refund using the International Deposit Refund Form.

Contact us

For any questions related to tuition fee deposits, please contact