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Bursaries and scholarships

These pages will give you information regarding bursaries and scholarships that the University offers to students including:

Liverpool John Moores University Progression Bursary

Bursaries are given to you due to your household income. At LJMU we pay eligible undergraduate students a bursary of £500 per year. Bursaries are paid on top of any other student finance you are eligible for into your bank or building society account. You do not have to pay the money back. You do not need to apply for a Liverpool John Moores University Progression Bursary. You will receive one automatically if you are eligible.


  • You are a UK student and meet the residency rules for student finance
  • Your assessed household income is below £25,000
  • You are paying the full tuition fee relevant to your cohort (£9,250 for those starting in 2020).  This can be via a student loan or other means
  • You must have responded to the email you are sent by the University to confirm your attendance. This needs to be done by the required date or the bursary won’t be paid

Payment dates

The expected payment dates (for September start courses) are:

  • The last Friday in November
  • The last Friday in April

The expected payment dates (for March/April start courses) are:

  • The last Friday in January
  • The last Friday in June

You will receive £250 on each payment date if you meet the eligibility criteria. The Student Loans Company will write to you to confirm these payment dates once we have all of your information. Bursaries are administered by Academic Registry.

Learn more about LJMU Scholarships.

John Lennon Imagine Awards

The John Lennon Imagine Award is a non-repayable bursary, which might be available to you if you are a care leaver, or if you are estranged from your family. It may also be available to you if you have lived in a Foyer or other supported housing scheme and you choose to study at Liverpool John Moores University (dependant on your circumstances). 

This bursary is given to you in addition to the financial support you will receive from your local authority and any Student Finance you may be eligible for (your grants and loans). The John Lennon Imagine Award is available for each year of your course, on condition of you attending a yearly update meeting. You will need to provide evidence of your status as a care leaver or evidence of your estrangement. 

For more information see:

Other scholarships and trust funds

You would be amazed at how many trust and charities exist and give additional funding to students in various circumstances. Its never too early to start looking into these. 

The charity Turn2us has an excellent search engine on their website with some great tips for using it. You can also find some ideas and tips on the Save the Student website.