What happens next?

You’ve made the decision, submitted your application and… what now? Here’s a step-by-step guide to what will happen next…

Undergraduate students

  • Your application will be sent to all your university choices for consideration
  • LJMU aim to assess your form on its merits as quickly and efficiently as possible. For some programmes decisions are based entirely on your application form, while others will require you to undertake an interview, audition, short assessment test or present a portfolio of work. Details of additional methods of assessment are outlined in our entry criteria - please see the relevant course fact file.
  • Check UCAS Hub regularly for updates, and pay close attention to the advice and requests for more information you will receive directly from the University via email

The offer process

  • Unconditional offer: will be made if you satisfy the entrance criteria at the point of application e.g. you are a mature student or already have all your qualifications
  • Conditional offer: will be made if you have not sat for your examinations at the point of application, or are awaiting results; the offer will be based on securing specific grades or other criteria
  • A changed course offer: will be made if we have considered your application and think an alternative programme would be more suitable, we will contact you with an unconditional or conditional offer for a different course. You do not have to accept this offer
  • A rejection: will be made if we have read through your application and are unable to make you an offer, we will unfortunately have to reject your application

Making your firm and insurance choices

Once you have received decisions back from all your UCAS university choices, you will be asked to select two universities to make your firm (first) choice and insurance (second) choice. You must decline all other universities who have made you an offer as applicants are permitted to have just two choices at this stage.

UCAS extra

If you have applied for the maximum of five courses via UCAS, but have been unsuccessful in gaining a place or declined all offers, you will be eligible for UCAS Extra.

UCAS Extra dates 
(All applications submitted after this date will be referred to clearing.)

Receiving your results

If you meet the conditions of your firm choice (CF) you will automatically be accepted onto the course. If you do not meet the conditions of your offer, you may still be offered a place on your original choice or be offered an alternative programme - which you are free to accept or decline. If we reject your application upon receipt of your examination results you will be referred to your insurance choice (IF).

Postgraduate students

  • You will receive a confirmation email to let you know we have received your submission
  • Within two working days expect another email which will include the contact details of the relevant faculty and your unique application reference number (use this reference number in any communications with the faculty you might have)

ATAS certification

If you are applying for a Taught Masters, Masters by research, or PhD course, you may require an ATAS certification.

Find out if you need an ATAS certificate

Work out your costs

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