Clearing 2024 – How to get a Clearing offer

Received your results and they’re not what you expected? Changed your mind about your choice of course? Decided you want to live at home or move somewhere else?

Whatever reason you’re applying to university through Clearing, you’re not alone. 2023 saw the highest number of students securing a place through Clearing, and with tens of thousands expected to do the same this year we want to take the stress out of this exciting time and make sure you’re prepared to start your journey through Clearing.

Seven steps to Clearing success

1. Do your research

Finding a Clearing place is a straight-forward process as long as you prepare a little in advance. You can search the latest vacancies on the UCAS website or you can check the Clearing courses listed on university websites.

2. Have your details ready

Before you make your calls ensure you have:

  1. Your Clearing number from UCAS Track
  2. Your A level results/qualifications
  3. Questions you want to ask
  4. Your login for UCAS Track
  5. Notes about the course you want to study

3. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate

There’s nothing worse than struggling to hear someone on the other end of the phone, so try to find a quiet and relaxed setting to make your calls. Be prepared for any questions staff might ask such as why you want to study the subject and if you have any related work experience. Be ready to sell yourself!

4. Ask questions

Choosing the right course and university is a big decision so ensure you’re making an informed one. While you’ve got staff on the phone ask them anything you’re not clear on. Don’t be worried about asking too many, it shows that you’re thorough and enthusiastic – the kind of qualities universities are looking for.

5. Stay organised

Keep track of the universities you’ve contacted, the courses discussed, and any offers made. This will help you weigh your options effectively and avoid any confusion when it comes to deciding what you’d like to do.

6. Make a decision

It might be helpful to talk to family, friends or someone you trust once you’ve received offers, but make sure to take the time to consider your options carefully - this is a big decision but one only you can make.

7. Confirm your place

After deciding, confirming your place is easy to do via UCAS – simple!

Clearing might not have been your initial plan, but by embracing this new chapter with enthusiasm and an open mind it can also be a stepping stone to a successful and fulfilling academic journey. Good luck!

Looking for a Clearing place at Liverpool John Moores University? Take a look at our Clearing pages.


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