Financial Information

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How we spend our money

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Academic Departments
Expenditure directly incurred by or on behalf of academic departments, for example academic and non academic salaries, and depreciation of equipment
Academic Services 
Expenditure incurred on centralised academic services such as the library, learning resource centres, central computers, etc.
Administration and central services
The cost of central administrative staff and services, including PR, general advertising, legal and audit, and insurance
General Educational Expenditure 
Includes the cost of bursaries, scholarships and prizes, examinations, student recruitment and widening participation 
Staff and student facilities
Expenditure incurred on the provision of facilities and amenities for the use of students and/or staff, including careers advisory services, grants made to the Student Union, chaplaincy, health and counselling
The expenditure incurred on the maintenance and management of premises, including the pay of staff involved and depreciation of buildings 
Residences and catering operations
Expenditure incurred in providing catering facilities and conference operations, including salaries and any other identifiable costs relating to these operations.
Research grants and contracts
Direct costs attributed to specific research grants and contracts
Expenditure not covered by the other expenditure headings, including the annual pension adjustment and interest

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Why we need to make a surplus

The University aims to make an operating surplus. This ensures that its activities remain financially sustainable in the long term, allows for investment in additional services and staff, ensures that the University has sufficient resources to improve and replace facilities and physical assets, and to mitigate against unexpected events that may threaten the financial health of the University in the short term.